Catmosphere Sydney Cat Cafe | Surry Hills

Situated at the highest point in the room, this cat was also the eldest, the boss you might say. He was also the prettiest cat we saw during our visit!

Welcome to Catmosphere! A place for all catstronaughts to call home. 
Located in Surry Hills, this place is not known for it's food, but rather it's little furry guests. It is a shelter for 20 cats which have all been rescued and rehabilitated. I love the idea of this place, and how they use this business opportunity to help our feline friends!

The idea is original though. This idea is quite popular in Japan (as you may remember we visited one in Shibuya, Tokyo). Although, it is the first of it's kind to reach our shores in Australia. That is why we are visiting today, we loved the experience that much in Japan, we just had to visit.

and yes... it is a food blog. But who doesn't love internet cats!?

Unfortunately the 3pm session we booked is "nap time". This meant that a large portion of the cats were sleeping (almost 90%). However the little soldier below (white cat) had no time to sleep when there were so many humans to play with! Apparently, he hadn't slept all day.. and the poor thing looked so tired!

The toy that caught every cat's attention was the bell on an elastic string. It got them all up and having fun trying to capture them! Please enjoy the pictures of the cats below!

Catmosphere has two levels, one which homes 4 cats, and another with has 16 cats. The biggest space was getting quite crowded we felt. It almost felt awkward at times.
So we decided to go visit the cats downstairs.

Meet (as I have now named him) Garfield. This would have to be one of the FATTEST cats I have seen, and he was so demanding! I picked him up on my lap and he got so comfortable that he held onto my arm (with his claws) and playfully bit me if I tried to move it. He doesn't look affectionate, but he has a big warm fuzzy heard inside!

That was it, a short and simple post. We paid $20pp and that included an hour with the cats, a cookie and 2 drinks. The cookie wasn't the greatest, but it was shaped like a cat!!
Overall, the experience was great, much better when we went downstairs into the smaller room, but it unfortunately doesn't match to the experience in Japan! That said, because Catmosphere has a great business venture, in rescuing cats and giving them a warm shelter where they can snuggle with humans, and my love for cats... this was the perfect place for me.