Crystal Fountain Chinese Seafood Restaurant | Lansvale

I think we've just found a hidden gem in Lansvale (neighbouring suburb to Cabramatta).  If you drive on the Hume Highway towards Liverpool, chances are you would've driven past this hidden gem!! It's tasty, cheap and spacious!! 

Everything below is under $10 (their lunch special) at Crystal Fountain Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Crispy chicken and fried tomato rice
The chicken was super crispy (on par with some great crispy chicken places at Cabra) and I love how the tomato rice isn't just "steamed" but FRIED!! You get a little bit of wok hei (not much) but it's still delicious. Perfect amount of tomato paste!

Seafood crispy noodle 
Has anyone tried this? Oh what the heck, of course everyone has tried this! It's a classic dish. I remember having this when I was little with the family at Cabra. I like to wait for the sauce to soak into the noodle and when it's soft and soggy....I enjoy it the best (I know, I'm weird).

Salt and pepper squid with fried rice 
I love how the fried rice is the western type but the salt and pepper squid was quite bland (to me). I know some people enjoy more subtle flavour but I love mine JAM PACKED! 

Duck thigh noodle soup
Mum said this soup was overly salty but the duck was falling off the bone. 
She would've enjoyed it more if it was less salty.

Combination crispy vermicelli noodles 
And this was what I had everyone! It was addictive and lots of vegetables, pork and some chicken! I liked the bubble squeaky texture from the crispy vermicelli noodles!

This was a hidden gem we wish we found earlier! 
Loving the cheap and tasty eats! :)

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