Oiden | Sydney CBD

Oiden is a small Japanese restaurant, that you have most likely walked past unknowingly. They do not have much of an impact on their signage, however they are known for their curry and don (rice) dishes. We take you back to Japan with this post, as we are lucky enough to taste their a couple of their specialty dishes! 

Ontama BBQ Beef
Christine had the Ontama BBQ beef. I was sitting across from her feeling very jealous indeed. The beef is stewed, which allows it to capture all the flavour of the broth. Not only that, the beef was STACKED almost waist high!! (okay, maybe we exaggerated a bit). You then find that perfectly cooked egg sitting on top, almost screaming for you to puncture it and release it's innards. Who doesn't love a runny egg?! Brings me back to memories when I was a kid, eating runny eggs with toast!

Three choice set - Hashed Beef, Plain Curry and Plain Salad
Oiden offers a great opportunity to taste not just one of their dishes, but three smaller versions for a very low price of $10. This is such a great idea, especially for someone like myself who always wants to try everything on the menu. Just be cautious that this is only offered to a limited amount of people each day.

The Hashed beef was really enjoyable. It had a sweet flavour, and alone, the flavour impact would probably be a bit too much. Thankfully, my other two choices were very mild, making this dish stand out!
The plain curry tasted like a tame version of the hashed beef. I was quite excited to try the curry here as it seemed to be one of the popular choices (especially during winter). It didn't disappoint! Just be sure to have some type of meat with your curry, as the plain curry is a bit too... plain.
The salad on the other hand. I LOVE JAPANESE SALAD. The easiest, sweetest and most enjoyable salad you will taste! The Japanese onion dressing is a definite MUST.

They also have a bar where you can add additional items to your meal. There is such a great selection to choose from, but it begs to question how long they have been sitting out for. Christine also ordered some Takoyaki balls, which seemed to be sitting around for some time.

Snapshots of Food dined as guests of Washoku Lovers

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