Rice Workshop | Sydney CBD

Rice Workshop is located in Westfield Sydney's food court and is very convenient and affordable. 
Good luck trying to find a seat though! =P

We have seen some really good reviews about this place and decided to give it a try. There was a large line when we went, so we though... It has to be good right? Well...

Ontama Beef
Rice Workshops signature sliced beef bowl topped with soft boiled egg
Nope. This was honestly inedible. We were quite hungry and still Matt left half on his plate. The beef tasted like it had been left out overnight and re-heated, the egg was boiled through and unfortunately those were the two largest components on the dish. 

Tempura Prawn Udon 
Udon noodle soup topped with Fried Prawn Tempura
Unfortunately the udon did not deliver on taste for me which was disappointing because it looked really good. I guess it's popular for their rice dishes for a reason. Even the prawn tempura needed more seasoning. I couldn't force myself to finish this dish (even if I wanted to) so I finished off Matt's ontama beef bowl instead (I thought it tasted okay.. wasn't a big fan of the rice though)

Chicken Yakiniku
Thankfully we ordered this little beauty. It is not like the authentic chicken yakiniku that we have tasted in Japan, however the sauce was the same, and it brought us back to the small "piss alley" lanes of Shinjuku! The saviour of the meal.

Would we be back? Very slim chance.
These thoughts are of own our personal taste, as previously stated, there have been plenty of great views about Rice Workshop. Unfortunately, it didn't do it for us today.

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