Travel Post: Our Japan Trip - Day 11 (Universal Studios Osaka - Jurrasic Park Ride, Harry Potter attraction, Attack on Titan, Despicable Me, Happiness Cafe, New Wonderland, Hello Kitty, Spiderman and POMME NO KI RESTAURANT! )

This was the day I've been longing for after the somewhat disappointing Disneyland..... UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! This time we were prepared! Remember how we were so silly and didn't use our fast track ticket from our first post of Disneyland? Well, we did our research this time and bolted for the timed ticket machines as soon as we entered.

We ran to the Jurassic Park ride and got our ticket for timed entry. Once we secured our ticket, we ran to line up for entry to the Harry Potter attraction and went back to enter our Jurassic Park ride :)

So excited! These boats were our ride for Jurrasic Park. I didn't know there was a huge drop at the end but I guess it made it better (not knowing).

After Jurassic Park we decided to explore Universal Cool Japan section which includes Matt's favourite characters from Attack on Titan on display!!

It was then our time to enter the wizardly world of Harry Potter! This attraction is full of Harry Potter themed shops, with the iconic castle in the background. It was really entertaining, although our time could have been better spent on other rides. This is something that can "wait for later..." haha.
-- insert harry potter theme song here -- 

I'm trying to find the 9 and 3 quarter's station please. Can anyone help?

The water was actually black!!!

BUTTER BEER WAS AMAZING. It was like a blend of buttered popcorn and creaming soda. Not only that, you get to walk around the whole day looking like Dumbledore with a white mustache!

Heading out of the Harry Potter attraction, we decided to explore the rest of Universal Studios!
Starting with the despicable me section (please don't get your hopes up - it's just a section with a big merchandise store and mini side games).

We spotted the Happniess Cafe (will you become happy after eating at Happiness Cafe??) #imlame. Matt spotted a sign saying customize your own Coke bottle (and it was only $5). So I was expecting heaps of people queuing up for this but was shocked to see that IT WAS EMPTY?!!!??! The staffs were so friendly and welcoming - we had to ask the question, do we order here for the customized coke bottle? It literally took less than 5 minutes.
Fill in a form (your name and a special date), hand them 500 yen and wait until it is printed for you.

We FINALLY entered NEW WONDERLAND (this might be the perfect place for kids but it's also the perfect place for me because SNOOOOPY studios is inside New Wonderland). 
Christine has been looking forward to this attraction all week long! 

Yes, she does need a bit of help doesn't she doc?

We entered Hello Kitty world not knowing what to expect.
Yes, Matt was dragged into this.
Yes, he was the only person (who was not a dad) that entered with me.
Yes, I felt like a little kid. 
Yes, I feel sorry for Matt 

Mel's Drive-in

Subject to the name, you do not actually drive into this restaurant. It is a 50's inspired diner, where you find some really well maintained Cadillac's out front. Inside, just reminds me of something Fonzie would decorate! It was damn good American food considering we were in Japan!

We ordered two burgers with fries. The first being a regular cheese burger, and the second had a little chilli kick to it. I remember both burgers feeling like a quite authentic American burger. Then, you try the onion rings and wow! We love oily and fried food, and the onion rings were definitely a must try!

There was no timed entry for the Superman attraction (BOOO).There was a 4 hour wait for the ride, however we decided to come back later in the day when most people were clearing out and it ended up only being a 90 minute wait. 

**Kiss kiss** spider man! What's that Matt? Why the sad face :(

Even though we knew the ride was indoor and everything was safe, it still didn't stop us from sh*tting ourselves. I still believe that at one point throughout the ride, we were dropped vertically!!!

Outside of Universal Studios, it is almost as colourful as inside. We decided to eat here and I can't believe we found the most adorable restaurant.


 Even though the menu said Ladies omelet rice set, anyone could order from this menu! So we selected the ladies omelet rice set which came with a choice of salad, soup, main, dessert and a drink! (which lady can actually finish all this?).

Prosciutto salad with onion soup
This was really... different. The salad wasn't to our liking but that onion soup was amazing. It was very clear, almost broth like. Yet it had a very strong taste of onion and we loved every bit of it.

Crab croquette with curry on rice and egg.
Christine decided to eat the crab croquette and by the end of our sitting, you would not have guessed that she was served a plate this big. It disappeared off her plate, as fast as it was served to us. That has got to say something!

Rice and Egg omelette with tomato sauce.
This wasn't too great either, the tomato sauce was bland but the the omelette was great! If only I ordered the curry option, I would have preferred this much more. It was definitely not the worst dish I have eaten!

Then... Desserts. Apologies but we did not quite catch the name of these desserts, but they were so lovely presented! That said, Matt had a Chocolate Brownie sundae and it tasted just as good as it looked. The brownie was a bit tough to eat because it was cold, and mixed with the ice cream it makes it rock solid. But, who doesn't love chocolate!

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