Travel Post: Our Japan Trip - Day 13 (We found strange icecream flavours like jellyfish/seaweed, revisited the best Gyoza place in Dotonbori and sadly, we had to say good bye to Japan)

Thank you for all of you who followed our journey to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Sadly, this is our last day in Japan. So we decided to explore some of the areas we missed, and commence our travel back to Sydney.

We forgot the street this unique icecream shop was on but some flavours were unusual. Flavours include tomato sherbet, Vanilla milk, black soybean, corn/potato soup, apple sherbet, wild vine sherbet, edamame (yes, you read right), black vanilla, musk melon, white peach sherbet, blueberry yoghurt, chocolate, strawberry milk, strawberry sherbet, salt milk, kiwi sherbet, whitebait (yes, the ones they serve at yumcha deep fried with salt and pepper), horseradish, tofu milk, sake ice, green tea, black sesame, chesnut milk, orange sherbet, banana choco milk, sakura flower, seaweed, mustard, white coffee, cold sesame, mango and jellyfish. So, who's daring enough to try whitebait, seaweed or jellyfish flavoured icecream? (NOT ME)


As this was our final day in Osaka and we HAD TO just HAD TO revisit the AMAZING gyoza place in Dotonbori (if only we knew the name). This time, we dined inside!!

Kimchi fried rice
Subtle flavour (surprisingly) and the rice had no wok hei at all. It seemed to be quite light, as it was not saturated with much oily as you might find in most fried rice dishes.

Two servings of these super crispy pan-fried Gyoza please...
Do we need to say more? I believe we have already covered this enough, but a picture also says a thousand words... and look how crispy and delectable they look! 
This would be in my top 5 reasons to visit Japan.

Braised chicken with fried rice
Quite a small serving, and it was literally just braised chicken and onion. Doesn't sound too exciting right? WRONG! It's all about the marinade with this dish, and that chicken was sure packing a punch. It's no wonder why this was their most popular dish on the menu.

We sampled some sweet pretzel from Auntie Anne's and immediately, we joined the queue to buy a pack. It tasted like a sugar covered churros, but not as sweet/oily. This made it quite enjoyable to munch on during our transit back to the station.

We forgot to mention that we also bought a McDonald's "McGriddle" which is something we have never tasted before! It is such a shame that we do not have these in Australia, otherwise this would be my breakfast burger EVERY DAY WITHOUT QUESTION (until the doctor says to STOP). Perhaps it is a good reason not to have it then... essentially, the muffin's have been replaced with syrup filled hotcakes. The burger was that good, it is even licking itself!

This was our haul from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. As you can see.... we're not your average couple. Matt's side (left) consists of many anime related figurines and stuff whereas my side contains all sorts of cuteness and FOOD stuff.

On our way back to Tokyo airport.... *cries* and only one more sleep till we go back to work and back to our daily routine..noooooooo

(so clean)

Saw these everywhere - cute packaging but I didn't like it. Ate the head and disposed of the remainder. On our way back to Sydney with Jetstar (we took advantage of their two for one deals)

Our dinner
Roast beef, mash potato and veggies with bread and butter, water and a sweet fix!

Our breakfast
Corn flakes, milk, muffin, orange juice and english breakfast tea

Alas, we have arrived back safe and sick in Sydney. Thank you again for those who followed our entire journey. We're glad we can share our traveling experience with you. Thank you to all who followed us on our journey. Just incase you missed it, here is a recap!

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