Green Peppercorn | Sydney CBD

Green Peppercorn is one of the more popular Thai places in Sydney, more-so in it's western suburbs. This has been a long overdue visit, as we have unintentionally continued to put it off to "next week"! Finally we both had the cravings for Thai food, and there is no way we are lining up at Chat Thai on a Friday night! Gave us plenty of reason to try Green Peppercorn, located in the Civic Hotel across from World Square!

The atmosphere is quite dark, but all of the tables had plenty sufficient lighting. It definitely had an authentic Thai "vibe" and the waitress that served us was very friendly! Unfortunately they forgot our order of the pineapple juice, but the food more then made up for it!

Matt's drink: Yuzu 
Typically you would find this in Japanese restaurants, however we were glad to see it on the menu. The first time tasting Yuzu was at the Washoku Lover's Kitchen and Matt went crazy for it! It definitely had a strong citrus kick which eventually gets watered down by the ice (thank god!). It actually worked quite well with the food, it helped cleanse the palette for the next bite!

Christie's drink: Pineapple juice
If you want a strong hit of pineapple, this is your drink. Christine was not too pleased with it unfortunately, therefore I was able to demolish the remainder! It was very sweet, but still sour enough to enjoy. Not your typical pineapple juice!

Duck Red Curry
Alright... there are so many elements in this dish it was crazy! Let's start with the duck and it's very enjoyable crispy skin, YUM! Then you have the almost panang flavoured curry which is packed with chilli. You then start digging around to find peppercorns, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, bamboo, lychee and your typical greens. It felt like a never ending well of goodies! But the winner was definitely the curry sauce. There was no more left at the end, once we ran out of rice to eat it with, we eventually started drinking it as soup!!!!

Thai Fried Rice
The Thai fried rice was delicious, actually it was on par with my favourite local Thai restaurant "Lucky Thai and Laos". It didn't have much of the wok taste, but the ingredients were spot on! Full of flavour and it worked well to eat it with the duck curry!

Pandan Creme Brulee
Alright, what we REALLY came here for, the famous pandan creme brulee!! Oh how we've longed to eat you! The surface was like a fine slice of toffee that had perfectly set. The "tap-test" was left to me to see how firm it was, and boy we got excited when I didn't break it the first time. You then move into the dessert to find a really sweet, soft and creamy texture. For those who don't know pandan, it essentially tastes like a much sweeter version of vanilla. So you can probably tell that we ABSOLUTELY loved this dish. More restaurants should start experimenting with this flavour, as it is surely a winner!

Will we be back? DEFINITELY. You have now won our hearts and our stomachs. Our taste buds thank you Green Peppercorn for an amazing night!

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