The Walking Dead Gelato Messina | Sydney Opera House

Calling all zombies, Gelato Messina have teamed up with FX to re-create Carl's Chocolate Pudding from The Walking Dead. They are holding this event at the steps of the Sydney Opera House, you will definitely not miss the giant "Zombie Hand". However, be sure to get in early as all the organs clear out quickly, only 1000 tubs over two days! (Saturday 10/10/15 and Sunday 11/10/15 from 12pm)

... and guess what? It is totally FREEE!!
The only condition is that you have to take a SCARY photo with the aforementioned zombie hand and post it to your social media accoutn with the hashtag #TWDonFX. Only then will you be presented with a FX card that you can turn in for your special zombie treat!

You must all be wondering what's in Carl's Chocolate Pudding? Well let me tell you it's not for the faint hearted (Christie actually dropped the heart from shock, so unfortunately we couldn't taste it...). Inside the tub, you will find several different layers of chocolate. Starting from the top, you will dig your way through some chocolate soil, only to uncover the chocolate finger, chocolate heart and yuzu jelly brains! Beneath the body parts and organs (if you dare to dig deeper) you will get a taste of the chocolate gelato, followed by Carols Cookies and lastly a generous layer of chocolate pudding (best part of the tub!).
Chocolate Finger: Handy tip, if you want the experience of the oozing black current blood, then we suggest you let the chocolate finger melt a bit.

Chocolate Heart: As mentioned, we didn't get to try this. However do NOT pick this up with your bare hands as we did.... It can be quite messy(na).

Yuzu Brain: Never will I look at jelly the same again... When we each took a bite into the brain, we both had that "EWWW" expression. Not saying that it didn't taste nice, but the feeling you got when chewing it was really disturbing.
Don't forget! Zombies do not have stomachs, so they can eat all the organs they like. So be sure to get there nice and early on Sunday (11/10/15) to get your hands on Gelato Messina's "Carl's Chocolate Pudding"! B R A A A I I I N S S .....