October 06, 2015
Welcome to Mrs Mi's restaurant - home of the signature knife-sliced stir noodles and authentic Shanxi region food which is prepared and cooked by a talented team of chefs and their robotic assistant chef.
Meet the master behind the consistency of the shaved stir noodles. The robotic chef's primary responsibility (other than gathering curious eyes) is to shave the noodles. No lunch break necessary!

We were invited to dine by Impression Marketing Communication and were warmly welcomed by Carlos, the Director of Mrs Mi. Not only did Carlos provide us with some excellent recommendations, but he ensured that we enjoyed ourselves. There was also a nice bottle of red waiting for us on the table. Unfortunately we had a long drive ahead of us, so we decided to pass on the wine. It was a really nice gesture though! We also felt like we had received VIP treatment, as a table was reserved for us in the corner of an extremely busy restaurant

If we were not limited by the size of our stomach, I think she would have ordered everything from the colourful menu. To order, simply circle (we did X and some items were missed) your item and wave to a readily available staff.

Braised beef with noodles
We would not leave the premise until we tried some of their signature knife-sliced noodles. We opted for the beef option and very grateful that we did. The meat was full of flavour and so tender that it would break apart with easy. The noodles were very bouncy, and cooked al dente with a texture similar to fettuccini pasta! You then dig a bit deeper and find a thick soup which accompanies the noodles. The soup alone could have been served as an entree, it was that good.  The whole dish resembled that of a Beef RaguA really well constructed meal, and a definite "must try" dish. 

Fried Spring Onion Pancakes
This is normally a favourite of ours but was a miss for us. We have tried many different varieties throughout our time blogging, and we love how simple this dish is.

Pan Fried Pork Buns
If you know us well enough, you would have heard us babble about the amazing Taste of Shanghai pan fried pork buns. We had previously written how it was by far our favourite pork bun as it contains a treasure trove of soup inside. It is quite safe to say that we had very high expectations when ordering this item from the menu. After the initial bite, it daunted on us. The pork buns were exactly the same as what you would find at Taste of Shanghai! Carlos then confirmed that Mrs Mi is actually part of the Taste of Shanghai Group

Diced Chicken Fried Rice with XO Sauce
Similar to the pork buns, the XO Fried Rice is a huge hit in our household. The XO flavour is strongly dispersed throughout a lightly wok fried rice. Afterwards, you see all the oil remaining in your bowl and yet, neither of us ever regret ordering this dish. Not just your average fried rice!

Mixed Pan Fried Dumplings
How could we pass up the opportunity to order a plate full of different flavoured pan fried dumplings? You have seen our Japan posts by now, we absolutely adore the taste of a traditional  dumpling. The flavours we got to try were chicken, vegetable, prawn and crab. The dumplings had the same soup as the Pork Buns, which meant it had a similar taste to the pork bun -without the thick bun- The chicken was Matt's favourite. There's an entire prawn in the prawn dumpling! How crazy? It popped in my mouth and trust me, the soup that came out of this was so sweet. 

Cherry Tomatoes marinated in Plum Sauce (Chilled)
 The sour flavour of the plum sauce proves to be the perfect side kick for the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes must have been soaking in the plum sauce for some time, as when you bite into the tomato there is quite literally an explosion of flavour that occurs. 
This is PERFECT for a hot summer day and is highly recommended!

Smoked Barley Tea
Be sure to try some complimentary barley tea while you dine at Mrs Mi. The flavour was very subtle, almost as though it was slightly flavoured hot water. This better suited us as we had such a great range of flavours throughout the meal, it was almost refreshing to drink.

Conveniently located at Chatswood Chase, it is quite a small venue. Be prepared to wait some time before dining as this place fills quickly! (Not because of the size, but because locals know how great the food is). The photos below were taken just before closing time, and you can see there are still diners there to experience the signature knife-sliced noodles made with Mrs Mi's secret dough!

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Mrs Mi, and subsequently the left-over lunch that we took home the next day. Mrs Mi and their famous robotic assistant chef will also be making an appearance at the Sydney Night Noodle Markets, so if you cannot get down to Chatswood Chase, be sure to visit their pop-up stall. The Night Noodle Markets are held at Hyde Park and run between 8th October 2015 to 25th October 2015

See our previous Night Noodle Market write up - get in early to avoid the queues and don't forget to visit Mrs Mi and take a video/photo of their famous robotic assistant chef!

See you there!

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