New Shanghai launch | Westfield Sydney

We were invited by ID Collective to attend the launch of New Shanghai's restaurant which is located in Westfield Sydney. To help a fellow diner, please note that New Shanghai is located on the Lower Ground floor, on the same level as the Nike store. We tell you his because there are various different addresses for this place on Google, that we spent a good 10 minutes walking around trying to locate this place!

This is also not a first time dining at New Shanghai. We were also invited New Shanghai's new wine list launch at Chatswood Chase so we are quite familiar with New Shanghai's food and were glad to see some favourites make an appearance!

The venue itself was lovely. We really thought the 80's diner-themed chairs gave the place a real "Moulin Rouge" feel. Then you also have your glass window which gives you a peek into the kitchen, where you can see the chefs hand making your dumplings and pork buns (among other dishes). It doesn't look like there may be much seating, so I would only assume that this place would fill up quickly. But don't panic! Eat Dumplings!

A calligrapher on the night, would write your name in Chinese characters! We both had to get one for a keep-sake! Take a pick, which name looks better written in Chinese? 
Matt's or Christie's?

Sparking and Lemon Ice tea
The sparkling was easy to drink... a bit too easy. Especially for part-time drinkers such as our selves, I would really like to know what this sparkling was! The Lemon Ice Tea was strong and slightly on the bitter side. I would've preferred if it was sweeter.

Xiao Long Bao - Steamed Pork Dumplings
It is becoming increasing difficult to review these juicy gems. Most places we have eaten at recently are spot on with their version of this dish, that we are struggling to see the differences now.

Salt and Pepper Prawns
It was packing flavour and also packing the heat. Either leave the chili flakes alone, or make sure to ask the waiter for a box of tissues because these prawns are HOT!

Braised Pork Belly
Matt's favourite and stand-out winner of the night. Not only was this delectable dish moist, it must have been braised for a long time because it tasted amazing. Christie was not abig fan, but that is because she neglected the most important part of this dish, the JUICY FAT!

Rainbow Beef - Sweet and Sour Crispy Beef
This was one of our favourites from the last event. The result hasn't changed as Christie still preferred this dish to others. It was well balanced between sweetness and savoury that each bite made you wanting to come back for more. 

Pan Fried Pork Buns
There is not much to say about the pork buns that we haven't already said before. We love them and there is nothing else more to say. Other than... make sure to use black vinegar and soy sauce for your dipping sauce! Thank us later.

Steamed Bun with Fragrant Crispy Duck
Normally we would be salivating at the idea of a bun containing nothing more than crispy peking duck, cucumber and lots of hoisin sauce...but this was quite dry (unfortunately) 

Hokkien Noodles
The last dish presented of the night was Hokkien Noodles, delivered in a Chinese take-away box you would often find in the Rush Hour movies. While it looked really enticing, and the box concept was quite cool. Matt was not a fan of this dish as it was once again, too dry. 

Half way through the night, we were visited by Jin Wu Koon's Lion Dancing. These guys make an appearance at almost every restaurant grand-opening or event that we attend (such as Night Noodle Markets) and it is clear to see why. They put on a great show which gets the whole restaurant off their feet! Great job!

Unfortunately the last couple of dishes were a bit of a hit-and-miss but overall we had a great time! The staff were very friendly and was always ensuring that your glasses were full and of course, the entertainment and atmosphere of this restaurant is a must. We would recommend visiting and giving New Shanghai's new make-over a visit. Why not plan a trip out shopping and stop by for a visit?

We were also provided a very cool goodie-bag full of nifty little surprises. We received some "do-at-home" dumplings that turned out REALLY GOOD. A voucher to come back and dine again and a heavy duty umbrella to face the harsh weather we had on the night.
Thank you to ID Collective and New Shanghai for a wonderful evening, we wish you and your business with much success for the future.


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