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Among the hustle and bustle of a busy working day, you sometimes forget how important food is to ensure that both your energy levels are high, and you are not left feeling drained. If you are anything like me, you would opt for the easy option and grab a coffee. Well, let me be the first to tell you that it is probably not the healthiest option. 

If you work near Wynyard or Circular Quay, then you are in for a delight. Not only do they have some delicious coffees and donuts to give you that "pick me up" you most definitely need, but they also offer a wide range of bright and healthy options to help fill your stomach and replenish your energy, most of which we will be writing about in this post. However, if you want something a little naughty, they can also cater for you.

We started off the afternoon with a coffee. Matt ordered his regular cappuccino as it is his go-to coffee. Within only minutes, the coffee was finished! It was very smooth and guess what, no burnt bits (woooh!). The other notable thing is the coffee art. While it's no longer a rare talent, it is still very hard to master and we appreciate the effort taken to make these coffee art creations. 

Lamb salad with black barley, smoked eggplant, yoghurt and dukkah
This dish was phenomenal but believe it or not, it was not our favourite! The lamb was cooked perfectly as it was simply falling apart, no knife required! Not only that, the lamb was crispy on the outside, yet still remains very moist internally. Then let me draw your attention to our personal favourite of this dish, the mint . It was so refreshing, almost like a tzatziki dip and worked perfectly in cohesion with the lamb. Did we also forget to mention how healthy this dish is?

Beef brisket on a waffle with a poached egg
We kind of took a step away from the healthy menu for a minute and were treated to the above waffle. It's not just ANY waffle though, this waffle was topped with beef brisket and a poached egg!! Never have we thought this combination of food would work so well.. 

The KCS Cuban Sandwich with berkshire pork belly, ham off the bone, cheese, pickles and mustard
You would think that it would be hard to follow up those last two dishes, they were full of vibrant colours and popping with unique flavours. After one bite, everyone's eyes lit up and within what only felt like moments, our plates were clean and we were left wanting more. This sandwich was to die for, we are planning to go back primarily to eat this dish again. 

While it was not your normal cuban, it was a close replication of it. This dish has earned our pick for the day, and we really encourage you to try this for yourself. You will be amazed at how quickly you can fall in love with two pieces of grilled bread.
Trust me, I almost proposed to this sandwich instead...

Chia pudding with seasonal berries, puffed grains and hazelnuts
How beautiful is this dish presented?
Not only does it look amazing, it is very healthy for you as well! 

Pancake with lemon curd, blueberries, cream cheese parfait and smoked almonds
This was one of the fluffiest chiffon pancake we have ever had. The picture does not give this pancake justice, as it was easily twice the size as a regular pancake, if not more.

These donuts are strictly limited and only available at Kansas City Shuffle. They are made fresh daily by Simon Says Donuts and come in a variety of different flavours. It's just a little too easy to "have another"... 

StrangeLove organic soft drinks
On the way out, we were treated with a goody bag with three types of soda. That blood orange and chilli drink was amazing, definitely order one if you get the chance to.

Kayne was introduced to us as the man behind the amazing food you have just witnessed. What is it about the hipster look that makes a great chef? Perhaps all chefs just have that urge to grow an awesome beard to hide their recipes in. Either way, Kayne did an amazing job with explaining his creations to us. We loved dining here!

A very big thank you to Benny who co-owns this establishment. We appreciate your hospitality and congratulate you on what seems to be a very successful business venture.

Snapshots of Food was invited to dine here by Wasamedia and Kansas City Shuffle. All opinions are our own and we feel very privileged to be treated to such an amazing lunch.

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