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The Catering Project (Bowery Lane's sister company) delivers crafted wholesome refined rustic catering and events Sydney wide! Their food is made for sharing, enjoyment and inspiration. The Catering Project includes - not just your average morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea selections - but a whole range including breakfast, canapes, grazing tables, cocktail parties, sit-down events, beverage and scroll down to reveal what else they offer. Before I get carried away, let me entice your tastebuds.... Let's jump straight into the canapes and finger food selection. We sampled the build on site canape menu including:

Roasted beetroot and parsnip soup with toasted baguette wrapped with salami and cheese
These shot sized soup were perfect to give your tastebud a kick. Loved the combination of the toasted baguette with salami. 

Pumpkin persian feta arancini
This was one of the naughty dishes (in my eyes) but unfortunately it was a miss for us. It was missing some sort of dip. Perhaps a tomato salsa? We love bold flavours.

Pork Belly, agave and green mango salsa
Bursting with flavour, this dish was definitely tasty. It would have been much better if the fat had been rendered and then fried crispy!

Harvey bay scallop with spiced pea puree
You could see these scallops from a mile away, there is just something special serving scallops in the shell (or is this just me?) - I wasn't a big fan of the pea puree (also didn't know it was supposed to be spiced)

Boneless lamb shank pie with puff pastry tops cooked in mini jar 
This was my favourite from the evening. I am so glad that I was able to sample this dish. It was slightly sweeter than your usual pie but, let me tell you... this tasted like heaven. I loved, LOVED the lamb shank pie (puff pastry was SO NOT NEEDED) - actually, I slurped my way and made sure my mini jar was cleaned. I saw the beef version but couldn't fit anything else in my tummy. If you ever want to impress a client or have a fancy work function, don't forget to order these!!!!!!!!

These bite size baguettes were addictive. I dare say these would be gone in seconds!

BBQ duck/pork, oriental pancake, hoisin and spring onion
I wasn't sure if these were duck or pork (menu states duck but I think it's pork) but it tasted like peking duck pancake (but I think that's majority from the hoisin sauce) either way, delicious and addictive! I think I had TWO!

Salted caramel and chocolate tart
Very rich in flavour and dangerous - it's so little you could keep going for seconds. Don't be fooled!
Also, don't forget to lick that salted caramel from the base. Mmmmmm....

Raspberry marshmallow and chocolate tart
Perfection in a bite size piece. I think these were the highlights of the evening. They definitely stole all the attention of the night as everyone wanted to get their hands on one.

The mango pudding with coconut sago tart (top) was TO DIE FOR and the Lychee and Raspberry tart (bottom) was so aromatic.. just let it sit and melt in your mouth.......

 Vegetarian canape collection.
Here you will find roast pumpkin, persian feta and olive tapanade and the kale and brocooli, woodside goats curd and cherry tomato tart. I might just excuse myself now and gobble down another tart. They are bite size so it's harmless right? 

The Catering Project's homemade juices immediately grabbed my attention. Their juices range from the classic orange juice, green power juice and cleanser juice.

Cleanser juice: beetroot, carrot, ginger and watermelon.
Wasn't overly sweet and was defnitely enjoyable. I had some chunky bits but that only shows it's freshly made right? I love the packaging because it comes with stripy straws!

Charcuterie collection 
Selection of premium charcuterie, conichons, picked onions, aged cheddar twists accompanied by sliced baguettes, marinated olives, onion jam and pineapple relish. Whilst we only took a picture of the meat, we made sure to grab a sliced baguette before it ran out.

I mentioned before that The Catering Project is not your average catering service because.... they also cater for BUFFET packages - we took a few snapshots of their display.

Tendorloin of beef, mushroom compote, beetroot jus and crispy potatoes

Oven roasted chickens with lemon thyme sauce

Quinoa salad with beetroot, pumpkin and feta

But don't worry, if you are into the more traditional catering type food, The Catering Project can certainly accommodate for your needs.

You can order a selection of mini savoury tarts.

Or if you're feeling naughty (and to temporarily interrupt your diet), you can have these pies and frittata.

But most importantly, a full stomach cannot happen without some carbs right? So get those carbs in you with the slider collection. The flavours of these sliders will make you drool. There are way too many flavours to list so browse the menu for more information (link at the end of this post)

What's better than a classic sandwich for morning or afternoon tea? I enjoy downtime somedays and appreciate a simple egg and mayo sandwich.

To accompany your lunch or if you just feel super healthy, you can choose this green beans, snow peas poppy seeds and lemon vinaigrette salad. Or if that doesn't hit the mark, you can select the picked vegetable salad (below) for some colour 
(because we all know, we eat with our eyes don't we?) 

If you told me catering services provide you with salmon that looks so perfect, I wouldn't believe you. But having seen it with my own eyes, I was gobsmacked. You can find this in The Catering Project's lunch collection.

Seasonal fruit collection to satisfy your morning or afternoon tea needs. Instead of ducking out to grab a coffee in your 15 min break, why not get some fresh fruit in your system?!

Nutella, salted caramel and praline, strawberry white chocolate croissants are "better than cronuts" says Matt. You can also find in The Catering Project's NYC pastry collection assorted fruit and cinnamon danish as well.

Loaf collection - you can find banana, blueberry and apple, raspberry and white chocolate, milk chocolate and coconut, carrot, apple and macadamia and the list goes on.

I've included the links for you below if you would like more information or would like to place an order (hint hint, *nudge nudge* if anyone is reading this from my workplace) 

 The Catering Project 
Breakfast project menu
Morning and afternoon tea project menu
Lunch project menu
Buffet project menu
Canape and Grazing project menu
Beverages project menu

Thank you to The Catering Project, The Porter and Wasamedia for having us sample great food with great company.