Busshari Authentic Japanese Restaurant | Potts Point

Busshari is only a short walk away from Kings Cross station in the heart of Potts Point. Busshari repesents the essense of Japanese cuisine. The decor is dark, ambient (making it so romantic) and has that 'upper class Japanese' feel.We were welcomed with warmth and friendliness and our experience was definitely a memorable and enjoyable one.

Here are a few snapshots of Busshari

Grilled Scallop
The scallop was lightly grilled to perfection. The texture was so creamy and with a dab of wasabi, it sent your taste buds crazy! Good thing the lemon helped defuse the situation.

Prawn Tempura Sushi Roll
The best word to describe this dish is "fresh". The best thing about this dish was the crunch of the tempura. It was only lightly battered but it still gave you that brief sensation when you bit into it. 
Would recommend that you try this dish! If you're lucky enough to sit at the sushi bar, you get to see sushi made to order by the chef!

Unagi Nigiri
This is no ordinary Unagi (eel) Nigiri... the eel literally melts and softens in your mouth. It is completely boneless which demonstrates careful preparation. The texture, flavour and everything about this dish was above expectations! It definitely did not disappoint. 

Japanese Omelette Nigiri
Incase you didn't know, Japanese omelettes are quite sweet. They are made with literally layers of egg, repeatedly cooked over and over again. When dipped in the soy sauce, you get that sweet and salty combo which we enjoy quite a lot. 

Kaarage Chicken on Harusame Noodle Nest
Let me exaggerate how much you need to taste this dish for yourself. Words cannot describe how it was lightly battered with a crisp and tasty batter, or how the chicken was soft and moist on the inside. Overall, this dish was amazing. The thin batter allows you to taste the chicken with minimal oil. Don't forget to dip into the dipping sauce for an extra little zing in your mouth. 

Wagyu Beef Sizzling Tobanyaki
Did you notice how there is no grill or gas? That's because this Wagyu Beef is sizzling on a ceramic hotplate with hot coal. The novelty of this dish is worth the money it costs, let alone the quality of the wagyu (which was also very tender if you are wondering). Heads definitely turn when this dish is served..provided are two dips, one with sweet soy sauce and the other with vinegar. 

Dessert Selection
Yuri from Washoku Lovers is the sweetest person ever. She organised a surprise with Busshari for our engagement with an amazing dessert selection.

Coffee Jelly with Coconut Ice cream
The coffee flavour was on the ball with this dish. Each scoop felt like you were taking a sip from a very strong espresso shot. Thankfully the coconut ice cream helped dull the intensity of the coffee, and made it the best dessert on that plate.

Pumpkin Mousse Brulee
We had to do the "crack test" to see how it held up in comparison to other brulees we have had. Unfortunately the crack wasn't as hard as we thought but surprisingly, it actually tasted better without a hard top. This made the dish more or less a pumpkin mousse rather than a brulee and as a result we were able to truly enjoy the pumpkin without the sugary mess.

Sesame Tart
Sadly this dessert was a real hit and miss. It was quite dry and had barely any flavour. It was edible when mixed with the Burnt Green Tea Ice cream (below), but otherwise not enjoyable.

Burnt Green Tea Ice cream
When I think of green tea ice cream, I can only imagine a very strong, overpowering bitterness. This dessert however was not as strong as we expected, it had a mellowed flavouring of green tea which was preferable. It was also quite sweeter, which made all 27 of our sweet teeth go crazy!

As you can see, Busshari can get quite busy so make sure you secure your seats by booking early and also don't forget to sign up to Washoku Lovers for great benefits! You get a FREE green tea ice cream just by showing your membership. It's FREE to sign up as well.
There's no catch so WHY NOT?!

A very big thank you to Yuri on behalf of Washoku Lovers, and also Busshari for taking great care of us tonight. We loved your food and thought it was a great experience that we just HAD to share!

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