Simmer Huang with Billy Law (Masterchef Australia Star) | Chatswood

Simmer Huang is hosting a MasterChef Simmer Series and the second ambassador Billy Law, developed a limited edition Three Cups Chicken Simmer Pot! We were lucky enough to be invited down to their second menu launch, having also been invited to the first with Alvin Quah. Feel free to check out our previous post with Alvin Quah's duck salad. 

Dr. Huang 
Tanqueray 10, Nolly Prat Dry, Verdant Grass tea, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea and fresh mint
This is a cocktail believe it or not. When I had the first sip, it reminded me of winter melon tea - you know, those one you get from Asian supermarkets? We actually went back for another serving because it was that nice. Well enjoyed around our table as well!

Lychee Lime Bitters
Lychee puree, lime juice and lemonade bitter
Lawrence from Fight the Craving was on a strict no alcohol policy as he drove to Chatswood.  His mocktail looked so delicious! While we may not be able to taste the drink itself, my computer screen tastes a bit like plastic.

Salty Pink Lemonade 
House made preserved lemon, lemonade topped with boysenberry icecream
Another one of Lawrence's drink - perhaps we should all be on a no alcohol policy? 
It looks so great! Matt was observing Lawrence and his ice cream closely, waiting for the perfect time to strike and steal it from under his eyes.

Under the Hawthorn Tree 
Hibiki 12YO, Chinese hawthorn sugar, hibiscus tea, Crème de Mure and sparkling apple juice
Christie's childhood lolly (or so she calls it) was a topping on the cocktail. All Asian households would've had this at some point. Unfortunately as much as she wanted this to be her favourite, the Dr. Huang cocktail was her favourite of the night. The flavours were very bold and the strong flavors of the Hibiki whisky reigned throughout the drink. 
It's more of a gentleman's cocktail.. if there ever was such a thing.

Spicy Tofu Noodles
Cold bean curd strips with spicy sauce
Christie went to town on this dish, leaving only but scraps for those who remain hungry - she loved it so much from the last event and was glad to see this again.
See our full review of the Spicy Tofu Noodles here

Black Cloud
Funus and onion with sour dressing
I've tried black fungus before so it wasn't a huge surprise. The term fungus sounds off putting, which is why Matt never tries this (or mushrooms to be precise)! The onion was served raw and had that unpleasant spicy aftertaste. I think this would've been better if we had this as a side to compliment a main.

Three Cups Chicken Simmer Pot
Limited edition Billy Law's three cup drunken chicken simmer pot was a crowd's favourite. It tasted quite similar to other simmer pots because of their "secret sauce" however Billy has complimented the sauce well with his three cup marinade that the chicken had been resting in for some time. It was great to see a chicken simmer pot option, even Billy himself was surprised that chicken had not yet been attempted. We really enjoyed this dish, and similar to the last time we ate at Simmer Huang, the pot had almost been depleted. The only criticism I would give is the missing presence of rice or noodles. The noodles only arrive to your table once you have eaten half the dish already.

Thank you again Billy and Wasamedia for hosting such a wonderful evening.
Special thanks to Billy for generously providing us with a signed copy of "Have you eaten?" as well as giving out your "Man Food" cookbook for two lucky Instagram winners.  

We have a lot of cooking to do ;) 

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