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Taste of Shanghai has always been one of our favourite places to snack out on some pan fried pork buns, which you already probably know by now. Well, now we are able to do so in style, as the Taste of Shanghai store in World Square has re-opened with a brand new face lift! That's right... all the food you know and love remain, but the store now looks fantastic (with more seats too!)

We have purposely left out pictures of the establishment because we recommend you check it out yourself. Here's a sneak peak ;)

Alright, now prepare yourselves for the onslaught of food! You may see some of our favourites here as well!

Chicken in Red Chilli Oil
Served cold, this dish was full of flavour and full of bones....so be careful when eat. I love my food served hot,what do you prefer and why?

Nanjing Style Salty Duck
Who doesn't like duck? It is quite interesting how many people have not tried duck before, so when they try it for the first time you normally get an "O.M.G" expression from them. This duck was also served cold, and is similar to it's equivalent which you will find in most Chinese restaurants. Once you master how to eat around the bone with only chopsticks, then I am sure you will love this dish.

Xiao Long Bao
Sometimes referred to as Steamed Pork Dumplings  these little gems go perfect with a soy/black Vinegar dipping sauce. They quite literally pop with flavour. Inside each one, you will find a small pork mince ball and plenty of soup to enjoy.

Wonton in Red Chilli Oil Sauce
A more typical western treat, the wonton. Given the amount of food on the table, this dish wasn't a favourite which meant Matt could keep going back for more. The chilli oil wasn't hot either, but it gave the wonton plenty of flavour.

Pan Fried Pork Bun
We LOVE these. You know it, we know it... by now I think all of Instagram and Facebook knows it. Must we say more?

Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Spring rolls are very hard to review for us. We have tried some amazing spring rolls that are almost bursting with the amount of filling from Cabramatta, and they have since become a recurring option on our menu. However, when we are served spring rolls with little filling and more pastry it is quite difficult to compare.

Grilled Spring Onion Pancakes
Don't be fooled, Asian pancakes are quite different to the widely known buttermilk pancakes. Although they share the same shape, the two are vary different. These pancakes are heavily pastry based, with only a few ingredients.

Pork and Chive Dumpling
Another variation of the dumpling that we tried tonight was the pork and chive. If we are being totally honest, there is not much difference between them. Sauce is definitely needed for this dish.

Salty Pork with Green Vegetable Fried Rice
When the fried rice was brought out to the table, our eyes lit up. The only problem... the bowl is not big enough! We want more! Alright, composure... in all seriousness, we loved this fried rice. The flavour wasn't overpowering so it was great to be eaten with the other smaller dishes that arrived at the table. It also didn't feel as heavy or oily as many fried rice do!

Tofu with Preserved Egg
I've only seen preserved egg served in congee. There were a few hesitation on the table to try preserved egg. I think if I hadn't grown up with eating preserved egg in congee, I would hesitate. The tofu was silky smooth and on the sweet side I loved it and there were plenty left. 

Stir Fried Green Beans with Pork Mince
This dish is quite unusual. Given that there is only beans and mince, you would think it would be lacking the very thing we have come here for, taste. It has a slight chilli kick, and the pork mince itself contained many salty flavours. The beans helped balance our the flavour and it was really enjoyable with the Fried Rice. 

Pan Fried Noodles with Shrimps and Shredded Pork
This was an enjoyable dish. I love letting my noodles soak until it's nice and soggy. But others prefer their noodles super crunchy. The shrimp and shredded pork sauce had little wok hei. I know when I get this dish in Cabramatta, it would be overpowered by wok hei.

Eggplant and Pork Mince in Sweet Chilli Vinegar
This was Christie's favourite dish of the night. She even went home to her mum (who loves eggplant) and couldn't stop talking about this! It was sweet, sour, chilli and everything you can think of. The eggplant texture is amazing - you can do so much! This was by far the best dish for her.

Shandong Crispy Skin Chicken
WOW. The title lives up to what it is. CRISPY CHICKEN. We both naughtily had 2 pieces each, and they were all equally as crispy as the last! Now if you haven't already figured, we love both our chicken and duck with crispy skin. The chicken itself was quite bland as it seems the skin captured all the flavour. Definite must try next time you visit Taste of Shanghai! 
(This was not intended to be a rhyme, I promise).

Fish Fillet in Sizzling Hot Sauce
Christie wasn't sure how healthy this dish is since the whole pot was chilli oil. It looks super chilli but when you swim through and find the fish, it's really not. The fish was soft and flaking and boneless woo hoo. That's what I love about fillets!

Peking Style Shredded Pork and Pancakes
This concept was quite new for us, we had never eaten Peking style pork pancakes before. So we were very interested to try this. It was quite sweet, yet a bit dry. It really needed some sort of sauce to accompany the pancake.

Szechuan Style Spicy Beef
This dish is another favourite you might see at your local Chinese restaurant. This dish was served with a large number of chilli mixed within, and you could sue taste it. It seems like a recurring ingredient tonight! This dish cleared out quickly, so it's fair to say that everyone loved it.

Barramundi in Sweet and Sour Sauce
Christie is the designated seafood eater and failed at her job. She forgot to taste this dish because the crab below too her attention. 

Mud Crab with Salty Egg Yolk
OH MY GOD. This was the dish....crab with salty egg yolk is a common combo in Singapore. This wasn't as good as the crab we had in Singapore but it was sweet and fresh - I would've liked if this had some noodles to accompany it.

Watermelon Frappe
My experience of Frappes have been quite thick. But this watermelon frappe was quite refreshing, light, sweet and helps break down the chilli.

Thank you Taste of Shanghai and Wasamedia for the invite. All opinions expressed in this review are that of our own and we are very grateful to be invited to taste some very enjoyable food. Be sure to check out the new decor! 

They also do takeaway, so there's no excuse.... (Matt's already been back a couple of times as he works dangerously close to World Square hahaah)

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