Caffe Tiamo | Sydney CBD

Located near World Square, Caffe Tiamo is a great place to catch up with friends. It offers cheap food and drinks, and plenty of fake greenery which gives off a great vibe. This cafe is split among several different levels, so there is always room for one more person!

Bowl of haloumi cheese chips
We LOOOOVE haloumi so this dish was a must. The haloumi was deep fried in a thick crispy batter. This dish was a meal of its own, so filling that we had to share it around the table.

Honey butter chips
If you thought that you would be satisfied with just ordering the haloumi chips, think again. These honey butter chips were simply unforgettable, to this day we have these uncontrollable cravings for more. Each piece was super crunchy, yet it was drowning in honey butter leaving you with sticky fingers. Strangely enough, I felt like I was eating caramel popcorn... 

Tiamo Burger
The signature burger for Caffe Tiamo was sloppy, greasy and stacked way too high for any normal human being to fit in their mouth. That is why Matt loved every bit of this burger. Whether it was just because he was hungry, or perhaps they put something in the cordial... This burger was just as you would expect from your local fish and chips joint. A pure, home cooked burger consisting of gourmet a beef and pork patty, lettuce , tomato, egg, caramelized onion and cheese! Just to top it all off, a generous serving of aoili :) 

Aglio olio
Italian's are known for their simple pasta dishes that are full of fresh ingredients and bold flavours. Unfortunately this was a miss. The menu stated that this dish was served with garlic, oil, chilli and parmesan and yet it was still lacking any type of flavour! We wouldn't order this dish again, any time soon.. or ever really and wouldn't recommend it.

Snapshots of other dishes from Caffe Tiamo
Caffe Tiamo is best enjoyed with friends or colleagues. So while we decided not to stick our fork into each and every dish, we decided to stick our camera instead. You can thank us later :)

Salmon Bruschetta
Toasted garlic baguette with avocado spread, caper, dill and smoked salmon on top of bruschetta

Toasted garlic baguette with olives and a touch of balsamic laze and tomato salsa 

Rich creamy saucy pasta with bacon, mushroom and onion served in a bowl of toasted pane bread. 

Lychee Crush and Lemon Tea

And there's a huge dessert option but we just couldn't fit anything else in. We really wanted to order the taro iced latte... oh well, there's always a next time!
*hint hint* to all my workmates ;) 

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