Lunar Markets at The Star ends this Sunday (Valentine's Day)

Chinese New Year has now passed, but the celebration still lives on at the Lunar Markets hosted by The Star! Unlike other years, The Star has kicked up their game by decking out Pyrmont bay with everything and anything food related, to help celebrate the year of the monkey. Treat your tastebuds with the sweet taste of Hoy Pinoy's chicken marinade, or perhaps even Bao Stop's famous steamed bao... then make sure to visit this weekend and keep you satisfied until the next foodie event rolls into town!

The markets open after 5pm on weekdays, and 4pm on weekends. So we decided to try and beat the queues and show up at 4pm on the dot last Sunday. To our surprise, the place was already swarming with anxious foodies like ourselves. With lines as far as you could see already forming at Bao Stop and Hoy Pinoy.

Now this set off alarm bells as we had very limited time here, but it didn't sway our mind for the goal in sight, a secured table! You might remember us telling you how important it is to secure a table at the Night Noodle Markets, and this is no different. We then took turns to make runs for food, while the other bathes in the warmth of the sun! We have this strategy planned out to perfection so that our team work is on par with that of the original Power Rangers!
They are also holding several giveaways throughout the park. I believe we spotted 5 stations in total. You select a bun steamer of your choice and inside is a little surprise waiting for you. We were lucky to win an almond cookie and a voucher for a free Zumbaron! We also saw prizes including a $50 voucher to restaurants! Don't worry if you are unlucky enough to select an empty steamer as they still give you a red pocket with a chocolate coin inside!

Now for the real reason you visited our page today... the food!
Bulgogi beef fries from Poklol
The current trend with our golden, oil dripping friend is to twice or even thrice fry them. While the idea is great, many places don't seem to hit the mark and leave you with a soggy glimpse of what could have been... that is until you find a place that does it right, and POKLOL has delivered again.

The fries were SUUUPER crunchy and were topped with the flavours you might normally find in their Korean Tacos. We love the food POKLOL creates and we enjoy it at each festival we visit, however this was a first that we ordered their chips and we are sure glad that we decided to give them our chip virginity today. The bulgolgi beef and subsequent sauces + kimchi were packing the heat and when combined with the super crunchy fries, helped mellow the after burn of the chilli, providing you with a joyous experience.

Chicken skewers from Hoy Pinoy
While the cost is quite expensive ($15 for 2), you realise mid-way through finishing the skewer that the experience of travelling to heaven and back was worth the money. Would someone please tell us what is in that sauce! -licks fingers- it is way too selfish of Hoy Pinoy to keep that recipe a secret to themselves! In all seriousness, if you haven't tried a chicken or pork skewer from Hoy Pinoy, now is a better time than never. Just make sure to ask for additional serviettes, you will thank us later.

Chicken, Pork and Duck combo from Bao Stop
Just like Hoy Pinoy, it is not humanly possible for us to attend a food event and NOT visit Bao Stop. The inner foodie would do some aweful things to us if we passed the opportunity to taste the delicacy we know as a bao. 

We elected to try the trifecta of chicken, pork and duck ($20). While there was a 20 minute wait for the food, it was worth every minute. The chicken was Matt's favourite of the three, this was initially purchased for Christie however it somehow ended up on Matt's plate to devour. Thankfully Christie's favourite was the succulent (and extremely fatty) pork belly. The way it elegantly protrudes out the edged of the bao bun is enough to make you cringe. The duck on the other hand was not a total disappointment, it just lacked any form of moisture. The duck was dry and there was a lack of hoisin sauce. Have you tried Bao Stop's bao buns yet?
Let us know which one is your favourite, chicken, pork or duck? 

We love visiting the lunar markets each year, they seem to be gradually improving over time. This year was by far our best experience, and we are even contemplating re-visiting this week to try out the remaining stores (and maybe re-ordering those damn god-like fries). YUMMM-cha!

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