KIN by us | Macquarie Park

We are glad to finally try KIN by us, the cafe run and owned by our favourite My Kitchen Rules (MKR) couple, Uel and Shannelle. Even though we have met this power couple previously at the Good Food and Wine show, it was lovely to watch how they work in the kitchen. We saw Uel serving up amazing coffee art and Shannelle plating up the dishes, and added the finishing touches to each plate that was sent out. It felt like we were watching a real life episode of MKR!

Snap Crackle Plop (added Redbull option)
Why not start the post off with the most spectacular, mouth watering, drool-worthy dish that KIN by us has to offer. The Snap Crackle Plop is a dish consisting of Hainanese chicken rice with deep fried chicken bits. You can go the further option and "give it wings" with the Redbull option for an additional $5. Let me tell you, this will go down to be one of the best decisions we have made in our short 24 years on this earth! The chicken wings were by far the BEST we have tasted. Literally every part of my body was shaking in excitement as I plowed into the succulent chicken wings. The same can be sad for the chicken bits, they were full of flavour and worked well with the chicken rice. Don't even get me started on the rice, the rice was simple and yet it could be enjoyed on its own. The addition of the onsen egg truly made this dish memorable. We have not stopped talking about this dish and that crispy chicken skin! We just wanted more!

Waffle Belly
The caramel soy pork belly had great flavours and it was quite enjoyable, but it didn't have that "melt in your mouth" moment. The potato waffle was great though, it really provided to be a great foundation to the meal and worked well with the pork. Our personal opinion would be to remove the mushrooms and cabbage, they didn't really hold much presence on the plate. We would have been happy with the pork, waffle and that perfectly cooked onsen egg. 

Travelling to Macquarie Park isn't the easiest option for us, however we did not regret it one bit because KIN by us truly lived up to the hype. We will be back we HAVE to be back. 
Even if it was just for that chicken... 
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