Creperie Suzette | The Rocks

The last time we had galettes and crepes this good was from the BBR French world festival. I'm glad we don't have to wait annually to have a sample of this particular French cuisine. Creperie Suzette is open all year long giving you a taste of France in the heart of The Rocks.  Lucky guests of Harbour Rocks Hotel can wake up to a refined selection of sweet and savoury crepes and galettes...what a great way to say good morning!!

The menu is very simple and once you've made up your mind, head over to the counter to order. You can choose to wait by your table or watch your crepe/galette being freshly made. I love how the menu is written in French, it truly makes you feel like you are visiting a French cafe. The cafe has been decked out with furnishings that truly fit the mold of "French dining" and adds to the authenticity of this place and all it has to offer.

Ham, Mature Cheddar and Egg
La Complete is one of Creperie Suzette's popular galette, served with ham, cheese and egg at it's core.  You can garnish galettes with ingredients of your choice. It was a simple galette that even the least adventurous foodies would enjoy, who doesn't love ham and cheese? 
Additionally, all galettes are made with buckwheat flour which gives it a completely different texture to the crepes.  Buckwheat has many health benefits that's good for your cardiovascular system. Now that's something I can continue to eat (minus the thick layer of cheese).

Shredded Chicken, with Spinach and Cream Dijon Mustard Sauce
This was a much healthier alternative to the La Complete (you can probably already tell considering the big bright greens flourishing out the top). The balance of the Dijon sauce mixed with the chicken and spinach was perfect, you had the tangy flavours of the Dijon sauce with each bite. This was our favourite of the 2 galettes, we fought for the last bite! Once again, this dish was also a popular among the favourites on the menu. We can easily see why this would attract a crowd!

Salted Caramel, Slivered Almonds and Ice Cream
Dessert for lunch you might be thinking? Well yes, that is the blogger life - the aim to eat and sample as much on the menu as we possibly can fit in our stomach.. and to be fair to us, how could you honestly pass up a crepe which has salted caramel sauce drizzled throughout!
This crepe was a real gem. The texture of the crepe was very smooth and delicate with no burnt or crisp edges, exactly what we would expect! Seriously, we would love to wake up to this every morning before the day starts, how much happier a life would that be (excluding the chest pains of course). The generous serving of salted caramel and ice cream was a sweet treat and the crunchy texture from the slithered almond perfected the crepe. White flour crepes (which has a bouncier texture compared with the buckwheat galette) is classically best with sugar, butter, honey, chocolate, fruits etc... but we think this was by far the better choice!

Thank you Food Critics and Bloggers Australia  and Creperie Suzette for giving us the opportunity to dine here for lunch. We must also thank you for giving us the knowledge of where to find some real kick-ass crepes in Sydney!

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