Ze Pickle | Surry Hills

Ze Pickle has been on our radar since when the Sydney store was first announced back late last year, so we are very excited to finally make our way down to taste some of their crazy creations. We are not that adventurous though, we opted to pass on the Triple Loco with three layers of beef patty, jack cheese and maple bacon, a generous serving of pulled pork and coleslaw served in between two grilled cheese sandwiches. I enjoy life too much to attempt this burger...

Ze Pickle is located in Surry Hills, only a short 5-10 minute walk from Central Station, making it the perfect "no excuses" time to take a trip to try it out. Just know that it gets busy VERY quickly.

The Chee-ze
Hand pressed wagyu beef patty, iceberg, tomato, pickle, ketchup, zp sauce and jack cheeee
Christine opted for the lesser of the giants on the menu, the original cheese burger that is basically the foundation for the other variants. If you are keen for your typical Australian beef burger, then this is your safe option. The hand pressed Wagyu patty is dripping with its own juices and blends well with the special zp sauce. That zp sauce is off the chain, it would work with anything you like to dip into it. Let's not also forget the jack cheese that is melted on top, dripping ever so slowly down the side of the patty. Not a bad burger, but nothing too special other than the sauce and patty to be honest.

The 3am
Hand pressed wagyu beef patty, maple smoked bacon, Kanye's fried cheese sticks, guacamole and zp sauce
I have been thinking about how to write the review for this burger for weeks now, trying to pinpoint exactly what made this burger so great. Could it be the hand pressed Wagyu beef patty we mentioned earlier, or the special zp sauce.. perhaps it is the addition of the guacamole which is totally unusual to find itself on burger, yet works so well. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you see it), the above were not the reasons this dish was a stand out. Kanye's cheese sticks, with a golden deep fried batter encasing the golden yellow melted cheese is not even the reason!!!
Drum roll please...that Maple Smoked Bacon was some serious next level shit. Excuse my language, but there is simply no other way to explain. I was forever stuck in an endless void of wanting to keep in on my burger to enhance an already great burger, and taking it off and shoving it all in my mouth at once. This was the determiner and boy was it something that has got me wanting to go back again, and again, and again... why must I work so close to this place, thank god winter is coming!!

Ze Pickle Ale
Matt ordered the Ze Pickle Ale to give it a try. It was served in a very "hipster" glass and as you can probably tell, Matt couldn't wait for the picture to take a taste. As far as ale's go, it is an easy to drink beer and could be a go-to ale if it wasn't for the other 11 craft beers on tap.

It was a great experience, and sitting in the window facing the pedestrians passing by on the street was unique. It let us rub the fact that we were digging into a bloody damn good burger.

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