Cooking Maruko Gyoza at Home + Win a $179 Cuisinart 28cmChef iA+ Saute Pan and 2 x Maruko Frozen Gyoza Packets

Maruko Gyoza is a Japanese-run, Australian company who produces all of their products Sydney with 98% of the ingredients locally sourced in Australia. Maruko also maintains very high safety standards, performing rigorous daily testing on their products, and as a result you find yourself with an extremely high quality product, that tastes replicates that of a fresh Japanese Gyoza!

The video below demonstrates just how easy it is to cook the Maruko Gyoza. It couldn't possibly be that easy to cook perfectly looking Gyoza could it?
So we put it to the test ;)

See how easy it is to cook Maruko Gyoza at home and in under 10 minutes!!

Step 1: Add one tablespoon of cooking oil in a heated frying pan
Step 2: Place the frozen Gyoza with the flat surface down leaving some space between them. We had the heat on medium low for 2 minutes for that extra crunchy base.

Step 3: Pour 100ml of water and place the pan's lid on. Cook in a medium heat for four minutes. Strangely for us, the sizzling sound when the water hit the pan is quite soothing to the ear.

Step 4: Remove the lid, let the remaining liquid evaporate on a high heat, and let the base of the Gyoza turn sightly brown and crispy. At this point, our kitchen was so aromatic, we could smell the ingredients flowing through the house.

Step 5: Remove from heat and serve the Gyozas with the base up. We are so glad we checked the base at the right time. A little longer and we would've burnt the Gyoza!

The results? Perfectly crisp Gyoza which are piping hot and ready to be devoured! These were so similar to the Gyoza we tried in Japan, it brought us back to the memories of Dotonbori! We even found a great dumpling vinegar sauce to compliment the Gyoza for the true experience!

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