Mi Cantina | The Entrance

There wasn't many restaurants opened in the Entrance at night, though Mi Cantina was packed full of people and it looked very warm and inviting. Mi Cantina is a waterfront Spanish restaurant boasting with different types of gourmet tapas to choose from - with their friendly customer service and a cheeky chef, you are in for an amazing time! We ordered sangria, two tapas and a paella for dinner on our first night in The Entrance.

Traditional Sangria
Red Wine, Fruits soaked in Liqueur, Orange Juice and topped with Soda
We started the night off with some house made Sangria. Do we love Sangria.. not only is it a festive drink to set the mood, but its a drink that can be sipped throughout the night and we think it goes with anything. Then, by the end of the night when you are looking for a dessert, no need.. just look in your empty glass and voila! The left over fruit pieces are the best part of sangria. The tight-ass method to enjoy cocktails and desert at the same time.

Paella Paisa
Spanish Chorizo, Prawns and Chicken cooked with Saffron Rice, Garlic, Tomatoes and Spices 
Finding a good paella is hard to do in Sydney, especially when you are limited to the chicken/chorizo option as opposed to seafood. Even so, many that we have found end up being very bland. Thankfully this was the complete opposite! There was plenty of flavour to be enjoyed with this dish, including the three lemons for us to drizzle to our liking. The chicken was somewhat dry, but otherwise the chorizo and prawns were great!

Tres Empanadas
Beef, Chicken, Cheese filled Pastry
While you can't see in this photo, there are actually three empanadas, hence "tres". Each empanada was completely different to the next, with the only similarity being the pastry. While on the topic, the pastry was golden and crunchy and resembled a curry puff you would normally find at Thai restaurants. The cheese filled empanada didn't quite hit that satisfaction mark as I hoped it would, but the chicken and beef empanadas were spicy and bursting with flavour our the sides. The small dish of salsa worked well to take a slight ease off the spicy fillings.

Crispy Polenta Chips 
with a Roasted Garlic Aioli
We mentioned earlier... Christie + Polenta = Trouble. Thankfully it's not on every menu otherwise we may have some cholesterol problems heading our way. We loved the presentation, it looked like little hay stacks with the grated parmesan as loose hay! The problem with polenta is that it is very hard to review because on it's own it can have very little flavour. Though the parmesan gave it a nice edge and that garlic aoili.... boy was that good.

The kitchen is situated in the middle of the restaurant so the aroma of great, authentic Spanish food travels throughout the entire restaurant at Mi Cantina. We were happily sitting there, soaking it all in when the "cheeky chef" happened to catch Christie's eye light up every time something else was cooked. Afterwards, we had a small chat with the owner who welcomed us to the Entrance and was even so kind as to telling us where the best restaurants were located. He was even so kind as to welcome us back, ensuring "flowing tequila" if we did... sadly we only had two nights :(

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