White Carrots | Darlinghurst

We welcome you to White Carrots, located only a short walk away from Museum station is an all day breakfast spot, perfect for a quiet brunch or an intimate first date. It's spacious, chic, stylish and airy. A very comfortable spot to have breakfast lunch of even brunch away from the hustle and bustle of the other popular cafe location being Surry Hills.

Notable mention to the customer service, our waiter was very attentive to our needs and welcomed us with a big smile. It seemed like he was new to the business, however we still found that the service was great and friendly at White Carrots.

We make a serious attempt to eat healthy when we do eat out, we think at least one healthy item may it be a salad, or a juice and we are huge fans of freshly made juices. Matt's Jungle Juice consisted of fresh coconut water, banana and mango.. obviously the sweeter option with Matt's sweet tooth kicking in while Christie had Rock the Day with rockmelon, strawberry and pear. albeit slightly less adventurous which in turn was quite bland in comparison with the Jungle Juice.

Egyptian Folded Egg
The title lured Matt into ordering a folded egg with feta and Persian herbs. In reality it was more a scrambled egg with added feta, macadamia, mint and artichoke pesto dusted with dukkah. Don't get us wrong, it was very tasty and we did enjoy every bite, although it was a touch on the dry side. This dish really needs something to add to the eggs, be it spinach or even some egg yolk to run throughout. Still a top choice with the strong flavours of the dukkah and feta which really stood out in this dish.

Pesto Scrambled Eggs
This isn't something we couldn't make at home, but it's always nice to get out of the house for brunch. We love pesto (Christie especially), she would smother pesto on about everything she could get her hands on.. so needless to say, we were was looking forward for this dish to arrive at the table. When it did arrive however, the evidence of the pesto was almost non existent which made us disappointed. That said, the spinach and avocado were fresh and really made up for where the pesto was lacking.

Presentation at White Carrots was outstanding, all the food really did look amazing when it was served - which helps us to shoot amazing pictures. Now while the food was great, the prices were a little on the expensive side for the quantity provided. Just keep that in mind when you visit!

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