July 07, 2016
The third stop on our tour de Westfield Miranda is Charm Kitchen. This restaurant creates an exciting twist on your classic Thai favourites, while looking for only the finest and freshest ingredients. In Thai culture, a 'charm' represents an open and generous approach to sharing and savouring food. It is the spirit of openness which is what Charm Kitchen hopes to capture. Luckily we only had one dish to sample because our stomach couldn't handle more food at this point of the night!

Singha Beer
Singha beer is an original imported Thai beer brewed since 1933. It was light and easy to drink, a beer that anyone might enjoy whether they enjoy beer or not.

Crisp Barramundi and Caramelised Pork with Green Apple Salad
Thai food is all about the fresh herbs, the salad and most importantly, the sauce. Unfortunately this dish was a hit and miss for us mainly due to the caramelized pork and crisp barramundi being quite dry and underwhelming. The barramundi was hidden among a forest of green apple salad, and the "crisp" soon became "soggy". In regards to the pork, although the flavours were definitely great and worked well with the apple salad, the pork was still too dry for us to properly enjoy this dish. We are the typical customer who walks into a Thai shop to order Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, Curry or Thai fried rice. So this dish was different and definitely a modern twist on traditional Thai cuisine.

Join us tomorrow for the next pit stop, as we were treated to some Middle Eastern cuisine at Kazbah. To give you a sneak peak, they were some damn good Falafel!

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