July 10, 2016
We are at the fourth leg of the race, where you begin asking yourself "Can we take a break already?!", well not when you are being treated by Zomato...They make sure you leave needing a new size of pants! When it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine, there isn't too many choices in Miranda... or the Shire in general. Which means Kazbah is able to set the expectation and standard of Middle Eastern cuisine. We were grateful to taste these flavours, and compare it with the local food we know and love.
Kazbah is a Middle Eastern, Moroccan and Mediterranean restaurant so say hello to Sangria as well.
The Sangria was made with red wine (is there no other way?!) and it was quite strong. There were little to no fruits as you can see pictured above, but that's okay.. it just means more wine! 

Lychee Caprioska
If you are after a strong kick to the face then the lychee caprioska from Kazbah should be on the top of your list. This muddled lychee with lime and white rum drink might look small, but it is deadly. Plus, by the time we finished, the lychee absorbed all the flavours, YUM!

Kazbah Tasting Board
We had a tapas style Tasting plate at Kazbah which included Hummus with Crispy Lebanese Bread, Sweet Potato and Chickpeas Falafel with Green Tahini, Atlantic Salmon Samke Hara and Lamb Tagine with Carrot Steamed Couscous.
Hummus with Crispy Lebanese Bread: We had no clue that this was "crispy lebanese bread" at first, until we looked at the menu. It honestly looked, tasted and felt like a crunchy chip.The hummus had all the flavours and it wasn't as thick as we are normally accustomed to. Would have loved more hummus though! 
Sweet Potato and Chickpeas Falafel: Falafel is usually hit or miss. Some shops make them on point, while others are better off calling it a dried up potato. So we really had no expectations at all, and expected it to be dry by the time we actually ate it and stopped taking pictures, fully ready to take this into consideration for our review. That said.. to our surprise the falafel was amazing. It was the crunchiest falafel we have tasted, and it was quite moist  and fluffy on the inside. I loved the falafel and it was definitely a crowd favourite.
Atlantic Salmon Samke Hara: The Salmon was cooked nicely and flavours worked well together. This was another crowd-pleaser, but there was a strong "fishy" flavour throughout. We enjoyed the tasting size however, it might taste a bit too rich as a main size.
Lamb Tagine with Carrot Steamed Couscous: On the contrary, we absolutely loved this dish and cannot wait to try the main sized equivalent. It was packed full of flavour an the meat was very tender. The carrot steamed couscous was addictive and it left you wanting more. Definitely a dish to order at Kazbah.

Kazbah's dessert selection
Baklava, Turkish Delight and Rocky Road.
Turkish delight is not normally something we fancy, its not even something we can stand eating because of the strong, bold rose flavours. This was different, this was actually really nice! It had a subtle sweetness, and the rose flavour too was quite faint throughout. The rocky road was also enjoyable, but it didn't send our minds blowing like the next thing on the plate, the baklava. Wow was this good.. Very sweet, nice and crunchy and had just the right amount of filling-to-pastry combination. What a top dessert, it will definitely bring us back.

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