July 04, 2016
This week, we will be posting a restaurant a day from Westfield Miranda. Join us on our food tour at Miranda Westfield. We were hosted by Lucas, the Food Manager of Westfield Miranda and the lovely ladies Naomi and Jelena from Zomato.

Sorenzo has recently opened up on the lower ground level of Miranda Westfield, next to Sky Zone. We were advised that all the chefs working at Sorenzo have been specially flown in from Japan to prepare and cook only the most authentic Japanese food for all the happy customers. When we heard this, we couldn't wait to dig in!

Pacific Oyster Drizzled with Tosazu and Mignoette
The evening began with fresh oysters marinated in soy vinegar with bonito flakes, red wine vinegar, shallots and herbs. The flavour of this oyster was like no other oyster we have tasted before. It was of great size and it was just too easy to indulge in more than one. You can tell that each oyster was carefully prepared to ensure consistency. Often with oysters, you get that 'sandy' unwanted crunch which can be off-putting. The quality alone should entice you to try these orsters from Sorenzo, it will not disappoint!

The Chef's selection of sashimi was presented so beautifully, you couldn't help but stare and be amazed by how much effort went into preparing this beautiful serving of seafood. The entire table was blown away by the theatric dining experience put on by Sorenzo. The combination of the colourful fish along with the smokey dry ice effect, transformed this dish into a mystical treat to which mesmerized the whole table. Ever since food grade dry ice was introduced, it has transformed cooking into modern cooking. We really do eat with our eyes first!

There was quite the selection of precision cut sashimi which included salmon, tuna, kingfish, snapper, scallop and tuna belly. We are not usually too keen on sashimi, especially the ones in bento boxes, it would always be left on our plate. However Christie decided to put her brave face on and try the tuna belly which was a first and will most definitely not be the last time. It was insane how fresh this tuna belly tasted, you would think it was going to jump off the plate and start swimming off. It was literally melting in my mouth, and being the fattiest part of the fish you wouldn't expect anything less, We were briefly in heaven! 

After the pleasant experience from the tuna belly, the raw scallop with lemon was next on the palette. You can tell when produce is fresh because there was no 'taste of the sea' but rather, the taste of the scallop was evident. There was a slight sweetness from the scallop, and a tang from the lemon. While there were many other selections, we were too busy snapping away and missed our chance to sample it (atleast for Christie anyway since Matt is not a huge fan of raw seafood). Either way, we can assure you that they would have been masterfully prepared and if we were betting people, you would have to think the other sashimi was just as fresh!

Salmon Sushi
Like the sashimi above, each piece was prepared consistently and with finesse. Seriously, we are so impressed with the presentation, preparation and freshness of the food at Sorenzo, the overall quality of the food is astounding. Kudos to the Chefs for perfectly slicing the salmon and carefully placing the roe on top.

Tuna Belly Sushi
We could write a million things about how amazing the Tuna Belly Sushi was, it is no wonder why Tuna Belly is considered the king of sushi ingredients. It's the fattiest part of the fish and only a small portion is available per tuna. But quality and price go hand in hand, tuna belly can be quite expensive. The Tuna Belly is high in omega 3 and only the freshest pieces will melt in your mouth and this is exactly what we experienced at Sorenzo. Christie just had to research more when she get home that night because this has now taken place as her next favourite food. Surprisingly enough, tuna belly used to be discarded in the early days (oh dear) as the Japanese were not used to rich and oily food. It wasn't even considered a delicacy, boy have things changed for the better. 

We will be posting about Charlie & Co Burgers tomorrow.
Stay tuned for our second stop on Westfield Miranda Food Tour.

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