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Tang Hui Restaurant serves Contemporary Chinese Cuisines prepared by top ranking chefs who ensure that food is prepared and served with only one thing in mind, quality.. Their signature dish, the traditional Peking Duck allows you to experience the most authentic Chinese Cuisine. Thank you to Naomi and Ryan for hosting this unforgettable Zomato Meetup. If you are into design, decor and art, click here to learn more about Tang Hui Restaurant's interior design. We felt like we entered another world when we walked upstairs. If you ever dine at Tang Hui, ask if you can take a tour upstairs. We're sure the friendly staff would be more than happy to give you a tour. In our blog post today, we will cover Main Dishes, Dessert, Peking Duck, Tasting Plates, Cocktails and pictures of Tang Hui Restaurant.

Before we even began our feast we knew we were definitely in for a royal treat. I mean, just look at the way the menu was presented.

Let the feast begin as we wine and dine our way through modern Chinese cuisine.

Main dishes
Smoked Salmon and Baby Rocket with Creamy Sesame Dressing
We absolutely loved the creamy sesame dressing which is a first because sesame can be quite overpowering if you use too much, causing a bitter aftertaste throughout your dish. Gladly for us, it worked really well. The flavours were only subtle, but it complimented the smoked flavours of the salmon well. A great side dish to be eaten with the crispy fried calamari to come.

Crispy Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper
The best way to judge food is to taste food you are familiar with and compare. Now you must be thinking what makes this dish different to the ones at your local Chinese takeaway shop.. well we other than the fact that you are probably paying double for this dish, each squid is thrice fried which ensures a golden crispy batter while also draining the oil from the squid. The batter was well seasoned and didn't require any sauce to compliment.

Slightly Pan Fried and Grilled Glacier 51 Toothfish. 
We recall learning about Toothfish from our visit to Little Hutong in Little Bay. Toothfish is a very expensive fish because it is located in Antarctica in sub-Antarctic climates. The Toothfish is extremely delicate in the mouth and is such a pleasure to eat.  When working with a fish this good, you must have the right chefs working on it to ensure perfection is reached. We did some research and thought of sharing this link with you. 

Pan Seared Canada Scallop with Snow Peas and Homemade XO Sauce
If you have been following us, you know that we are huge fans of pan seared scallops. So much in fact, it will be the first meal we will cook in our future apartment. Every bite into the Canadian Scallop brought us closer to that dream. The creamy texture is complimented well with the crunch of the snow peas and the taste of that indulgent XO sauce. Please bring out some more!

Wok Fried Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Hallelujah, we have finally found a restaurant which doesn't over-batter their sweet and sour pork. It is rare that you see this, most will give you a thick layer of batter which ends up being a soggy piece of pork sitting in an overpowering sauce. This was completely different! The sauce was tangy but not "kill your taste buds" tangy and the greasy aftertaste was not evident at all. Sweet and sour pork is quite hard to perfect. Some people can perfect the sauce but not the pork, vice versa. Tang Hui, you did it again!

Marinated Boneless Beef Ribs with Mustard Sauce and Salad
Probably the only thing on the menu we didn't enjoy was the boneless beef ribs. While it sounds great on the menu, and just re-reading the name now makes me salivate. This dish was missing something... the beef was quite dry, the sauce wasn't enjoyable and the salad didn't really work well with the dish as a whole. Unfortunately this was a miss for us.

Assorted Mushrooms and Black Truffle Paste Fried Rice
Did I hear truffles? Like our love for scallops, truffles can join in on the action too. We've been waiting for the fried rice to come out all night and even though the dishes before were beyond impressive, the wait for the truffle paste fried rice was antagonizing! When it arrived at the table, I could smell it and I actually recall forcing Matt to smell it. After the first bite we were in heaven. Again, there was no oily taste like you would find with Fried Rice which makes us question whether is actually fried rice! It almost tastes like steamed rice tossed in truffle paste. Regardless, the dish was tasty, however the rice on its own can be quite bland but the mushroom topping completes the dish.

Mild and Fragrant Curry with Prawn Cutlets, Zucchini and French Chestnut 
We've tried Thai and Indian curry before but never have we tasted Chinese curry so we weren't too sure what to expect. If you put it into perspective, Thai curry is sweet, Indian curry is all about the spices and yet this Chinese curry fits somewhere in between. The spices and creamy flavours were balanced perfectly, so well in fact that we wanted to lick our bowl clean! This was the ultimate curry, none like we have tried before and would I be damned if we will experience another like it. It's all about the little difference like having a creamy FRENCH chestnut opposed to a regular variant. Served with the curry was a fried mantou which was delicious! It maintained it's crispiness when soaked into the curry. Hands down, the tastiest dish of the evening.

Dessert Platter
Walnut Cake, Sugar Coated Cherry Tomato, 5 Hour Steamed Pear with Chinese Syrup and a special dessert which is not on the menu, a dessert dumpling. The steamed pear was beautiful, the Chinese syrup was not strong so you could still enjoy the flavours of the pear. The sugar coated cherry tomatoes were also loads of fun at the table, everyone having a different experience! Each one also came out quite uneven... our fairy floss was less than people around us which was a little disappointing. 

Peking Duck
Tang Hui's signature dish is their 24 hour Peking Duck. We were able to sample the duck in various formed, first being the crispy skin which was very light and when dipped in white sugar it dissolves in your mouth. The duck meat was served on a board which was a "create your own" peking duck pancake. What a great idea! However the pickle was too overpowering and even when removed, we felt as though the duck was lost. We would have preferred another dish to showcase the duck, something to make us go "Wow - that is the best damn duck I've ever tasted".
What is impressive though is just how Tang Hui prepares and cooks their duck...you can read this below:

'The duck is first dipped into boiling water for a short while before it is hung up to be dried.  While it is hanging, the duck is glazed with a layer of maltose syrup and the innards are rinsed once again with water.  The duck is left to hang for 24 hours before being roasted and turning shiny brown. Peking duck is traditionally roasted in either a closed or hung oven.  The duck is placed in the oven immediately after the fire burns out, allowing the meat to be slowly cooked through. The oven temperature is around 250 degrees and the ducks are rotated systematically with a stick, and roasted for around 40 minutes.  The cooked ducks are maroon in colour, and have crispy skin, tender juicy meat' - Tang Hui Restaurant 

Our Tasting Dishes
Being foodies, we just had to capture tasting size dishes. You already know our thoughts from our description above. Everything in miniature version is so cute!

We were able to select samples of Tang Hui restaurant cocktails including:
Underground Negroni (Beetroot Gin / Truffle / Campari / Sweet Vermouth)
Mandarin and Fennel Sour (Cognac / Mandarin / Fennel / Citrus / Peychaud`s Bitters / Whites)
Night Inn (Popcorn Rum / Passionfruit / Citrus / Coriander Seeds)
Prescription Sour (Scotch Whisky / Apples / Cammomile / Honey & Ginger / Citrus / Activated Charcolar / Whites)
Mint Pattie (English Harbour 5 yo Rum / Mint / Chocolate / Orange & Angostura Bitters)

We were told this statue alone cost more than $50,000.

The interior is boasting with modern Chinese decor. The owners have spent over seven million alone to make sure the interior looks and feels authentic. Now if that isn't impressive, I don't know what is!
They even have separate rooms for their VIP guests to book and dine like royalty. Like you might have guessed, these tables do come with a minimum spend upwards of $2000 before you go start booking for your next dinner party.

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