Avenue Road Cafe | Mosman

It is very rare that you see us venture out to the great North Shore, where the buses are as common as a pidgey, BMW and Jaguar are just relative terms and a single train cannot be seen for miles. We were generously invited to dine at Avenue Road Cafe in Mosman and wow were we excited!
(Look at the menu and you will see what we mean!)

We had arrived early to see a lively cafe with many locals enjoying lunch outside on what was a beautiful day. We had a sneaky look at what other people were eating to try and make our decision a little easier, but they all looked really good. It was that moment we realized that we had a problem, what do we choose!?!

Mango Frappe
Luckily before we had to decide on our lunch, we choose to start the meal with some healthy drinks! Matt went with the Mango frappe which was made with real mango pieces and not just syrup and ice. It was refreshing to be sipping on this frappe, especially on a "hot" winter day. The frappe was thick and quite sweet, reminded us of our fun times cruising the pacific!
Christie went with the "Refresher" and quite literally the first words from her mouth after the first sip was, "Wow, this is refreshing!". Then that sudden look of realisation when it clicked, that's the whole reason for naming this drink as such. It was really easy to drink and luckily, all the fruits must've been ripened well because the watermelon, pineapple and apple were all quite evident throughout this drink, making it nice and sweet, and the added mint gave it that refreshing aftertaste!

Seafood Board
Not knowing how big the portion size was, Christie decided to order from the specials menu where the seafood board caught her attention. Given the fact that is was only $22 in comparison to many other "meals for one", we weren't expecting anything quite as large.  The thought process to finally choosing this menu item was intense, if broken down I think I would exceed the page limit... a we don't even have a page limit. But essentially Christie felt that she had been eating healthy recently so it was time to treat herself and it was probably one of the better decisions she has made! The calamari rings were prepared well, they were soft and had a very lightly seasoned batter. The prawns were quite enjoyable but admittedly there was nothing spectacular. The barramundi was on a totally different level though, it stood out from the other elements on the board and better yet, there were two of them! The fish was flaky, soft, and melted in her mouth. You can tell which one was her favourite right? The chips were also well seasoned and luckily Christie had a helper with the chips ;)

Duck Wrap
When you think of a duck wrap you normally refer to the small wraps generally found in Chinese restaurants, made Peking style. That's why we just had to try this option, to see how Avenue Road Cafe went about serving this dish. It was very different, it had all the elements of a Peking Duck pancake such as the hoisin sauce, cucumber and an incredibly succulent pieces of (with traces of crispy skin) duck, but it also went further to include lettuce and cranberries! The cranberries gave it a little bit of sweetness and there was just enough to give every second or third bite a taste in flavour. You never knew what to expect with each bite.While the main is perfect on it's own, we feel it was missing some sort of a side dish to accompany the wrap and provide a little more substance to the plate.

Caramel Slice
Do you like Anzac biscuits? Do you love a great caramel fudge? Well, let us tell you this Caramel Slice is the perfect end to an already enjoyable meal. We only had one to share because we had overeaten by this point (mainly from the seafood basket). The bottom layer tasted like crushed Anzac biscuits which is unusual for a caramel slice. The middle layer was the caramel fudge which definitely had a big impact in terms of flavour. Then the top layer was a thin layer of chocolate to bring it all together.

Overall, it was such a different and lovely atmosphere traveling on the weekend to the North Shore area. We had to catch a train to Wynyard and a bus from Wynyard to Mosman. Avenue Road Cafe is conveniently located near the bus stop making it a convenient place to just "drop by"!

Thank you Wasamedia for the invite, we had a lovely time and wonderful customer service from Minh. Minh was so friendly and explained the menu to us with recommendations. She suggested that the barramundi is always prepared well, so we had to try one variant. We were seated outside and were able to experience a completely different area of Sydney that we are unfamiliar with, oh and we got to see lots of doggies passing by which completely enhanced the overall experience!

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