Bake Bar | Double Bay

In the shopping precinct of Double Bay, Bake Bar is the local cafe that we all dream abut opening in our neighborhood. With a freshly baked selection of breads, pastries and pies, along with a team of baristas who don't stop brewing coffee to order.. Bake Bar is definitely gaining some attention! The locals sure do love this place, the below picture was taken near the end of service at 2pm and yet business is booming!

The name gives it all away... Bake Bar specialises in baked goods, it is what set's them apart from any other cafe and while we didn't taste anything above, there were many customers purchasing the bread. In fact there seemed to be more customers buying bread to-go than there was coffee! The baked goods are preservative free and where possible, organic produce is sourced. This ensures the ingredients are of high quality and provides customers comfort in knowing that the bread is fresh.

Chai Latte
The Chai Latte was creamy and had an almost equal milk froth to latte ratio. It was enjoyable and beautifully presented. Perfect amount of sweetness and was perfect to drink right away.

It is difficult to define what a "good cup of coffee" really is as not every coffee bean is the same. Depending on how the bean is roasted, grounded and brewed can result in a unique flavour each time. Therefore when we review coffee it is to our preferences which is a little bit of sweetness and a good milk to coffee ratio to avoid a bitter aftertaste. The coffee beans were quite strong which mean that this coffee was quite bitter, but not from being burnt. In fact it was perfect drinking temperature as it arrived at the table. 

Pesto Pasta
Basil pesto pasta is a great dish to keep you warm in winter, but also provides a little freshness to a standard meal. We often make a pesto pasta at home with chicken, cherry tomato and lots of cheese. This gave us the nice "home cooked" feeling that we get when we make it on our own, the perfect example of a home style meal. The pasta might look bland on paper as it only includes very few ingredients. However the penne, tomato and parmesan cheese is tossed in a well seasoned pesto sauce that sends my cravings into over drive! We couldn't get enough of this pasta and it was provide din such a generous serving, that it left you satisfied afterwards.

Shakshuka is probably the one egg-based dish you can get away with serving for dinner. It is an Israeli inspired dish which makes a perfect option for all the brunch lovers out there and is available at Bake Bar for both breakfast and lunch. The Mediterranean style eggs are seasoned with herbs and then baked in Bake Bar's homemade tomato salsa. It is served with sour dough of your choice. This was a great dish that warmed us up instantly, perfect for bracing the cold weather. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the salsa was boasting with flavours from the peppers. Combined and eaten with the toast, this was a dish that we hold with high regard due to it's simplicity and elegance.

Mango and Coconut Tart
The perfect dessert for every foodie. It looks beautiful, it presents really well in a photo and it tastes incredible. The tart was a combination of coconut and mango flavours, yet neither overpowered the other. We could actually taste both flavours quite evidently. This worked really well with the base of the tart which was firm but crumbled when broken and surprisingly, the tart is ridiculously satisfying for its size. 

Chocolate Mousse Tart
We had to ask for a second tart to taste as both of them were too irresistible. Mind you, we both had the intention to "try" each tart and either push the rest aside, or take it home. Well that didn't happen! We finished both tarts and only our self control stopped us from ordering more. This might not be a true testament of Bake Bar's baking ability, but it sure gives us a good appreciation for their work.
The chocolate mousse was sweet and subtly so. Like most chocolate on chocolate desserts, they normally leave you needing water after each bite to try and cleanse the palette. This tart on the other hand was different, it wasn't sickly sweet so we could quite easily finish a dozen of these babies.. and we mean a baker's dozen! ;)

Thank you to Bake Bar for hosting us and Wasamedia for arranging. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere surrounding your cafe and absolutely love your food (especially the tarts!). Keep an eye out for our return, to buy some more tarts to share with the family... and some more for us to horde!

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