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Coffee Box Espresso is the perfect quick stop to re-fuel for those commuting with no time to waste, or travelers trying to maximise every hour of the day. Ranging from coffee to wraps and burgers, Coffee Box Espresso has just what you need to keep you going for longer! Located at the end of Harbourside Shopping Centre in Darling Harbour, Coffee Box is seemingly starting to become quite a popular cafe. Unfortunately there are no seats available but you are always more than welcome to order "to-go" and eat at the food court down the stairs. The romantic side in me suggests taking your food and coffee to the nearby park and enjoy breakfast or lunch with a view!

For all the sweet tooth fanatics out there, there is a large selection of cronuts on offer. We had a huge feast the night before and was still feeling quite guilty so we decided to pass, they did look very tempting though...

You may have already guessed by the name of the cafe that they have a strong focus on coffee making with Toby's Estate coffee beans. Mya made sure to treat the coffee with great care as she crafted the coffee art so delicately. Presentation is a perfect score, but being a bit of a coffee snob Matt wasn't a big fan of the taste of the coffee beans. Coffee is one of those things where you have your favourite and there's nothing else in the world that can replace it.

Chai Latte
Here we go again with the Chai Latte, Christie saw it on the menu and it was a must have. No matter the circumstance, Christie always has room for a Chai Latte in her belly! This was the first time we have seen Chai Latte presented like this. You can actually see the latte art, how creative, kudos to Mya!

Omelette Wrap
We can think of no better example to prove that the saying "looks can be deceiving" is true, than with this omelette. It may look simple on the outside, but again "never judge a book by its covers" or in this case, it's green wrap! This omelette is jam packed with flavour! It was filled to the brim with filling with a subtle yet aromatic capsicum flavour throughout and surprisingly a bit of a twist with added mint leaves! It was so tasty and the eggs were cooked just enough to ensure they retained the fluffy consistency. Best of all, no sauce was needed. The omelette itself was enough to satisfy our taste buds.

Truffle Burger
Moving onto our pick of the morning, and we make sure to always save the best for last.. the truffle burger! This burger was cooked to perfection. The eggs were again quite fluffy and were seasoned well and the bacon was cooked to a nice crisp without losing the essential fatty parts that make bacon so much more enjoyable. Then you get to the main flavour, the truffle oil which was perfectly balanced with the rest of the elements in this burger. It simply created a mouthwatering aroma that could not be controlled, you would soon see us being airlifted to the nearest hospital for "excessive drooling". We could not wait to dive into this burger. The only downside is the bun to filling ratio, while there was plenty of flavour it just seemed like there was way too much bread. That said, it was definitely a burger that NEEDS to be taken seriously. Who just loves breakfast burgers.. they are the best.

Overall, it was a lovely sunny morning when we visited Coffee Box Espresso and we enjoyed our short but memorable experience here. Thank you to Mya and Alex for taking care of us and Tina from Sydney Public Relations for allowing us to sample a memorable omelette and truffle burger!

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