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Cronulla is the perfect location to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of Sydney, and relax with your feet in the sand. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants in the vicinity that might just "wow" you with their showcase of food. Henrys' is everything we just described, and more.

Dishes are served to share and come in two different categories, small and large although it's more like medium and American portions! The menu, along with recommendations from the cocktail menu were explained in thorough detail by our waiter, Robert (Robbie). Not only was he very friendly, he knew how to keep a conversation going and made us feel really comfortable and welcomed. He remembers regular customers by name which is so impressive.

Loco for Coco and Sundowner Cocktails
Christie ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail called "Loco for Coco" and refused to share. The drink contained Coco Lopez creme de coconut, sugar syrup, and fresh ginger, lime and apple juice. You could probably already tell, but this drink was quite sweet, yet light. Hence why Christie wouldn't share...Matt on the other hand went with the "Sundowner" - a mix of Vanilla Absolut, Aperol aperitif, fresh lemon juice, egg white and mandarin juice. Immediately we questioned the use of the egg whites, but Robert explained that the main flavour was the Mandarin juice. It tasted quite similar to a Sunny Boy if any 90's kids can remember, this would just be a more adult friendly version!

Whipped goat's curd and House Lavosh
We actually had to do a bit of google searching before deciding to order this dish, but we are very glad that we did. This was probably our favourite dish of the entire meal, and we had only just started. The goat's curd was topped with almond slices and truffled honey, yes you heard correctly.. TRUFFLED HONEY. Not only did it have that great truffle flavour all foodies share a common love for, but it provided the goat's cheese with a very subtle sweetness which in return brought out the flavours of the cheese. Additionally, the lavosh was also crisp and had the full essence of all the grains, tasting somewhat like a vita wheat!

Prawn Scallops "fettuccine"
The first item heightened our senses and had us excited for what's to come. It had set the tone for the type of food to expect. Normally when you expect good food, you are left with disappointment. With this dish though, we were stunned. We had misread the menu and were expecting prawn and scallop to be served with fettuccine, but instead they were minced up to create a fettuccine like substitute, so creative and bold! This worked all too surprisingly well, all the flavours from the sauce vierge complimented the fettuccine nicely and the flying fish roe gave an unexpected pop of texture. Definitely a high recommendation of ours when you visit Henry's.

Prociutto San Daniele and Mozzarella on Focaccia
Alright we are now on our third serving and boy were we excited for this one. We have tasted prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella and pomegranate before at Cafe del Mar and loved every bit of them, so we ordered this dish knowing what to expect... or so we thought. First let's start with the focaccia bread, it's just bread right? Wrong! The bread was covered with garlic, herbs and chilli which made the bread itself tempting to eat on it's own. We then started deconstructing the mound of meat and cheese to find a bed of pomegranate and vanilla apples. The mixture of the salty prosciutto, the smokey flavours of the buffalo mozzarella and now with the added sweetness and tang from the pomegranate and apple... all spread on top of the superb focaccia bread. It's harmony at it's best. This was so close to taking out the best dish of the evening, but we just can't go past that truffled honey. Though it has definitely left an incredible impression with us both.

Smoked Baby Chicken in a Sweet Corn Puree
The final meal was served and we both looked at each other with concern. Not for the presentation, and not because of the food itself, but because of the portioning. It was quite literally a whole baby chicken and just like that, the belt was undone. The chicken was glazed and had crisped up during the cooking process, making a sweet and crispy chicken skin that was addictive! Matt ate three pieces alone it was that good, with a continuous "oh my god this is so good" being slurred from his mouth as he plowed down on the chicken. Served with the chicken pieces was a sweet corn puree, sauteed corn, manchego, chili and coriander. The puree was a godsend, it complimented the chicken, adding that extra bit of sweetness you can only normally get with added sugar. What a great healthier alternative!

Crushed Fried Potatoes in Green Mayo
The selected side to be served with our main (large) dish today was the crushed potatoes. They had quite a strong flavour of rosemary and were probably a little too over seasoned for our liking. Each bite made you wanting water. The mayo was served in a decent serving and was great. This alone would have been a great end to the meal, no seasoning required!

Henry's is now one of our favourite restaurants and being so close to our future home it will be one that we frequent often. Not only were we pleased with the food, but the service was outstanding. They gave you enough breathing room to enjoy a date with the partner but also came by to chat and ensure we were enjoying our food. Make sure to check it out on your next visit to Cronulla!

Snapshots of Food dined as guests of Henrys Cronulla.

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