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Hard Rock Cafe launched their Vegetarian Menu for the month of October and we were invited to sample two of the many delicious looking items on the vegetarian menu. Our eyes were drawn immediately to the two cauliflower items so we decided to order the Cauliflower Wings and Cauliflower Burger. The Kafta burger sounded quite tempting also but we couldn't resist ordering the cauliflower blower.

The other side of the menu showcases a range of special drinks specifically created to accompany the vegetarian menu. If our post leaves you wanting more, just keep in mind that the vegetarian menu is only available for a limited time until end of October. 

Beet Orange Ginger Juice and the Wascally Wabbit 
Let's begin with the juice. The beetroot juice was more like a thick shake without the milk. It was really thick and had a very strong ginger taste which gave your throat that burning sensation. It also tasted like soda water had been added to it or some sort of fizzy drink. It was enjoyable for the first few sips however after I left it on the table for a while it became quite salty. We definitely enjoyed the Wascally Wabbit; a mix of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquor, Captain Morgan, Grand Marnier, Hard Rock's simple syrup, carrot juice and apple juice which was extremely smooth and very easy to drink.  Garnished with a large mint sprig, it was a perfect drink to end the work week.

Cauliflower Burger
The house made cauliflower patty included ingredients such as garlic, egg, goat cheese, oregano and breadcrumbs. The patty was bland on its own however, when topped with the zucchini, squash, Monterey Jack cheese, arugula, tomato and garlic aioli, it was well combined. It created a subtle mixture of flavours where the jack cheese suddenly became the hero of the dish and the cauliflower took a back seat just like Robin to Batman. The toasted brioche bun had a great texture and molded into my fingers. While it's not our first choice for a burger, it's definitely a great option for vegetarians. 

Cauliflower Wings with Tangy Sauce
Don't you think this dish looks just like the sweet and sour pork dishes you would expect to find in a Chinese restaurant? Even like small chicken bites? There are three flavours of chicken that you can choose from, how they were explained was "Medium", "Hot" and "Tangy". We opted for the tangy sauce and was extremely intense! The impact of the flavour felt like you've just been hit in the face by a bus. If you are trying their cauliflower wings, we would suggest you try the classic flavour instead. The tangy sauce can be overwhelming but was complimented well with the blue cheese sauce and celery and carrot sticks. I was also staring at the Cauliflower Wrap which combines everything the cauliflower wings have, but in a wrap. The Cauliflower wings would be a great dish to share, not for one to consume all of it.

The wait staff always go above and beyond at Hard Rock Cafe. We love visiting this place for the atmosphere (if you don't mind screaming across the table) and also for the burgers.
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