Superfood High Tea at The Loft | Darling Harbour

The perfect opportunity to relax, watching the view of Darling Harbour and soaking up some vitamin D. The Loft has such a beautiful outlook on Darling Harbour, and when provided with comfy lounge chairs... you can absolutely lose yourself and forget what time of the day it is. This was the longest High Tea experience I've ever had and just didn't want to leave! Thanks to Jennifer from Sweet and Yummie, a few of us were able to enjoy a Superfood High Tea. 

Super Food High Tea Menu
High Tea is a British food tradition which is probably why it is always perceived to be elegant and posh. High tea is generally a serving of tea and sandwiches, scones or cake and usually served in three tiers. The tiers always look so pretty! The one thing that stops me from having High Tea is firstly the price and secondly whether or not the food will be substantial enough to cure my hunger. Don't let the small portions fool you though as I left too full to even finish dessert and that very rarely ever happens!

Bagel of Tasmanian Smoked Salmon and Dill Creme Fraiche
The bagel was dry. It is rare to come across a bagel that is cooked right. Did you know that bagels are both boiled and baked? No wonder why it's so hard to find a perfect bagel, does such a thing even exist? The salmon had a strong smokey taste which overpowered the creme fraiche.

Poached Chicken and Pounded Kale Pesto Seeded Slider
Turn the plate around and you find yourself with the most enjoyable option on the menu. Even though the bun was dry again, the chicken and sauce together with the kale made up for it. I love kale and this meal was right up my alley! This makes me want to finally get around to making those kale chips I've been promising myself.

Egg and Cucumber Sandwich, Grain Bread
To be expected, but the egg and cucumber sandwich is nothing far from an ordinary egg sandwich. Ever since trying egg sandwiches in Japan, I never found a place that can out do it.

Warm Wholemeal and Raisin Scones, Chantilly Cream and Strawberry Jam
These scones were served warm with a side of some incredibly tasty chantilly cream and jam. The cream was so delicious that I could have totally spread the entire bowl on a single scone and if I didn't have any manners, I would totally lick the bowl clean. It was addictive and worked so well with the scone. 

Gluten Free Pistachio and Almond Slice
The waitress mentioned that her fave was the pistachio, so I was quick to grab one from the plate and it was quite nice as well! The cake was dense and you can tell that it was too far from a healthy snack. As a result it didn't have that pistachio flavour that you find in ice cream or gelato, but nonetheless it was sweet enough for me!

We were also fortunate enough to experience an educational workshop with Ovvio.
I will be posting about the workshop shortly so watch this space. You can learn about the different types of tea, herbs and spices and how they can help your body. 

I had such an amazing afternoon with great company, food and tea thanks to Jennifer (Sweet and Yummie), The Loft and Ovvio.

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