Auntie Eight's Vietnamese Restaurant | Revesby

Revesby Workers has recently undergone renovations yet again, but they did it all without us even knowing! So long to the once overpriced diner-style restaurant and hello to two fresh new faces, Firestone and Auntie Eights Vietnamese! While we haven't yet visited Firestone, the menu at Auntie Eights was too irresistible to pass by. Especially now that we don't have to travel all the way to Cabramatta for tasty Vietnamese cuisine!

BBQ Chicken Buns
We were vexed between the two options of either the BBQ chicken buns or the deep fried chicken wings, and the waiter overheard us as he recommended this dish. Now while it doesn't look all appetizing, these BBQ chicken steamed buns were stuffed to the brim with bbq chicken, Asian salad, chilli coriander dressing and soya pearls. The bun itself was soft and the bun as a whole just worked so well, it was quite enjoyable!

Vermicelli served with Pork Spring Rolls
This is listed as a salad item, so Christie always thinks she is eating healthy and that the spring rolls are invisible calories! Although we all know this isn't really a 'healthy' salad with deep fried spring rolls. The spring rolls were crunchy and left no oily residue. The filling was generous and flavoursome. There were way too much bean sprouts and they needed more fish sauce.

Pho (Beef Noodle Soup)
Personally, we find that Pho is the best way to determine whether a Vietnamese restaurant is legit. So often we visit new places and think... what was that? The broth in the end is the game changer and the amount of sauce you have to put in to correct the flavour, definitely says something. Not bad but also not the best either. 

Auntie Eights was quite enjoyable but we did notice there was little to no service once you've ordered at the counter. We found it challenging to signal waitress & waiters for more sauce! The above meal costed close to $40 which is quite expensive for what we ordered. You do pay good money for quality food, however it just doesn't feel right knowing that just 15 minutes away in Bankstown, we could probably get just as good or perhaps better for a cheaper price.

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