Pho Time | Wetherill Park

Pho Time opened up in Wetherill Park and we decided to give it a try as we love our Vietnamese food. We had this post sitting in our drafts a while back so we are keen to see what has changed since our visit.

Pho Tai
Traditional street style rice noodles in aromatic broth, served with fresh mints, bean sprouts and lemon. The beef is served raw and the soup is hot enough to cook the beef throughout. Other options include the special beef and chicken items. If you haven't tried pho before, make sure to mix in the beef as soon as it arrives at your table and prepare your hoisin sauce and chili. Don't forget to squeeze the lemon for that extra zing. The broth was quite nice, it was subtle and not overly salty. We did mix in a little hoisin sauce to give it that extra kick that it needed though. We would return for the pho as when you mix your sauces in, it tastes quite good and also the restaurant is close by, but it is probably not the best pho that we have tried!

Fried Rice Noodles in XO Sauce
Flat rice noodles stir fried in XO Sauce with bean sprouts, onions and seasonal Chinese veggies. There was little to no wok hei in this dish but the flavours were very bold. I love the XO sauce and it's the first time I've had fried rice noodles in XO sauce. It was slightly sickening to see the pool of oil when you reach the bottom of the dish. I know this is going to surprise Matt and everyone I know (because I'm the type of person who picks out their greens), but I think more greens would be nice to balance out the oil and bring some vibrancy back to the dish.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls
These spring rolls were a miss. It is definitely not the traditional Vietnamese spring rolls that we were expecting. Generally the spring rolls are served with fish sauce, salad and pickled vegetables but it seems they have taken a Western approach, focusing more on the oily shell and serving with sweet chilli sauce. 

Lychee Shake and Coconut Water
The lychee shake was lacking... lychee. The flavour was quite bland, almost as though it was primarily water/ice with the exception of a single small lychee. With a name like "lychee shake" you really expect the flavour to pop out and be really quite sweet. The coconut water on the other hand was nice however the serving size was quite small. For the same price we are normally served up a glass double the size.

I guess with a name like Pho Time, their specialty is the pho. It is a decent spot, and located quite conveniently for those in the area to visit if you are feeling like a bowl of pho. But otherwise, we would recommend driving a little further to Cabramatta for the real deal.

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