Paper Plane Cafe | Parramatta

Paper Plane cafe has been on our must visit list for a while now and the only thing that has stopped us to date was the fear of having to line up for over an hour to get seated. It is surprising how a cafe not even in the Parramatta dining district can be so popular. Especially with all the competition only a 5 minute walk away. We just had to find out what all the hype was about!

Started with a skim cap to wake up both the taste buds and also the camera man. Even though skim milk was used, the coffee was very light and foamy. It was a really nice way to start out the morning.

Pesto Eggs
Cherry tomatoes, feta, pesto, balsamic vinegar on sourdough with a poached egg on top. Talk about a healthy brunch, it's just missing the avocado and viola, my favourite dish. This is something anyone could easily make at home but it's always nice to go out for lunch. Besides, something this instagrammable could not be achieved at home!

Midnight Cuban
We are gonna call it and say this was the damn best grilled sandwich we have tasted. Triple smoked ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese and dill pickles sitting in between two pieces of heavily buttered sourdough slices and topped with white BBQ sauce. Boy it's a mouthful! The smokey flavour from the ham really shines in the burger, but the substance comes from the pulled pork. The sauce however really made this sandwich stand out as a man amongst boys. We aren't sure what exactly is in the sauce, but it was sweet and plentiful! But let's also not forget about the bas boys sitting aside this behemoth of a sandwich. They are literally called bad boys and for good reason because here is nothing healthy about them. We ca assume they are likely thrice fried, but we were bloated and yet still continued to finish the plate.
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