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Located among Burwood's very scarce greenery is The Picnic Burwood,  a cute cafe perfect for a first date or a nice afternoon with the family! Plan a day away to enjoy the scenery of the park, have a nice lunch (or picnic) and then head to do some shopping, or perhaps even watch a movie at Westfield. We have been dating well over 6 years now and with the number of places we eat out at, we have reached the point where we struggle to find date spots. This lead to intense research to create a list of places to explore and The Picnic Burwood was on our list! We will be visiting them slowly so be sure to keep an eye out for our date posts! Also worth noting.. arrive before 12pm to select from the breakfast menu! We love a Saturday or Sunday brunch, it's almost like tradition. 

Watermelon and Lychee Juice
Perfect if you are after something sweet and refreshing. However, it primarily tasted like watermelon with a slight hint of lychee towards the end so if you are after that strong syrup lychee taste, I'm afraid it's not what you are thinking of. We are the type who can eat lychee straight from the tin (you know, with all the sugary goodness) so we were slightly disappointed.

It was slightly sprinkling at this stage so the weather was cooling down. The Picnic Burwood is a covered outdoor dining area so it was getting a little nippy. To the rescue, this tasty, piping hot Shakshuka arrived at our table. The house sauce was the perfect blend of sweet and savory with pickled leek and peppers scattered throughout. The thinly sliced sujuk added extra flavour and brought the dish together quite well. Served with pita bread, you have yourself quite an exciting meal ahead of you. This dish is quite popular and we saw many ordering it around us so it is definitely a highly recommended dish!

Pavlova Pancake
Simply gaze upon the beautiful image created before you. Not that of the photograph, but of such a lovely presented dish. The vibrant colours contrast really well with the white furniture and the mountain of fruits presents like a tropical island waiting to be explored.

The pavlova pancake is definitely not something to be taken lightly, nor alone. The ingredients work wonders together, from the bitterness of the lemon curd, to the sweetness of the mango sorbet and fruit, then brought together through a doughy pancake, roasted coconut and scattered egg white pavlova bits. The initial bite was amazing, jaw dropping and full of flavour. Which then came to the second bite, and third, until about half way through this dish when it becomes old and overly sweet. The pancake didn't taste too fresh either so it was a slight let down. We recommend getting this to share, or at least having a bitter coffee on the side to break up the sweetness of this dish!

Leaving you with an image of their famous tree stencil insignia on the coffee. Brewed well, the coffee was enjoyable and complimented the sweetness of the pancake well.

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