Cuckoo Callay (Bacon Festival) | Newtown

Cuckoo Callay manages to steal our hearts again.. and fill them with grease and other god awful ~ yet incredibly tasty ~ food. Introducing the Bacon Festival, a haven for all bacon lovers who are in search of having their bacon fix sorted. If you love bacon, they have you sorted with a whole movie based-pork related menu that takes leaps beyond what can be considered creative. They even have bacon merch such as bacon toothpaste, bacon floss, bacon mints and even a bacon air freshener if the food wasn't enough to subdue your inner bacon-slaying demon.

Mac Daddy
The Mac Daddy was named after the hilarious Big Daddy movie, but after it's huge success at the previous Bacon Festival, we feel a more fitting name is Bacon Wars - return of the Jedi as this mammoth of a baby returns to defeat any evil that stands in between a man and his pork. With layers of double smoked bacon, bacon mac-n-cheese, tomato relish, fried shallots and a 63 degree poached egg - nestled neatly between a toasted croissant. It is pure genius! While it sounds quite over the top and incredibly rich it is in fact the complete opposite and we demolished this thing, crumbs and all! 
We have visited Cuckoo Callay a number of times before and we are not afraid to say that this is the best damned thing that Cuckoo Callay has to offer and that we hope it will continue to form as part of their regular menu.

Silence of the Hams
What a tough act to follow up, the Mac Daddy definitely has won our hearts but the Silence of the Hams has definitely left a lasting memory. While it is difficult to picture the actual serving size of the ham and cheddar croquette is quite impressive. Beneath the thick layer of crunch batter is pure gold - figuratively speaking - oozes the perfect ratio of gooey cheese and ham pieces. This dish however was made to be enjoyed with all elements together on your fork, so we grabbed a big piece of the croquette, some of the pea pannacotta and bacon jam, and soaked it in the perfectly cooked 63 degree poached egg and honey and balsamic glaze. Heaven. The bacon jam is sweet and is what truly makes the Silence of the hams a special dish.

The Transporker
What better to wash down all that bacon with, well you guessed it - some more bacon!
The transporker is a banoffee pie flavoured milkshake that features a bacon rose and is coated by a thick layer of salted caramel and banana chips. The perfect combination if you truly want to show your diet who is the real boss!

This has been the most excited we have been for a restaurant in a long time! The love we have for bacon runs deep and Cuckoo Callay have made us happy with the amazing spread! Go nuts and eat to your hearts content because the bacon festival is only running for 12 weeks and will be finishing up this June.

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