Dessert Kitchen | Chinatown

Located in Sydney's Chinatown, Dessert Kitchen specializes in delicious desserts with a focus on eating healthy and nutritional. The sugar and fat contents are controlled to ensure desserts are light, while also remaining sweet and enjoyable - win win if you ask me. The desserts are heavily Asian inspired and it reminds me of the time when I was in Hong Kong where food stalls will be serving all kinds of sweets until all hours of the night.

Dessert Kitchen has all my childhood favourites such as tofu with red bean, red date special, sesame soup and walnut soup. The menu also serves the more modernised palettes as well as the creative and wacky desserts you've probably seen on Instagram (the Ice Stream Ramen comes to mind ~ blue noodle ramen). Not to mention the famous wobbly raindrop cake, or otherwise known as the Nippon Warabi!  

We ordered the Taro Taiwan Shaved Ice. Luckily we shared this mammoth dessert as the above picture doesn't do the size justice. This could easily be shared among 4 people, but we were pigs so we ate it all and might we say that we thoroughly enjoyed it. The shaved ice had a really strong taro flavour and the little taro balls on the side gave the dish added texture. Don't forget, this kind of dessert is best eaten when you revert to your child-like instincts! Make stick your purple tongue out at each other!

Dessert Kitchen is usually opened between 2pm to 10pm all nights, the perfect opportunity for a sweet and not-so regretful dessert after work, or after dinner!

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