Gojima | The Star, Pyrmont

Gojima has done the unthinkable, the indescribable, the likely result of one too many food comas. They have combined our love of burgers, with our second love of sushi. Introducing the sushi burger, in your choice of chicken, beef, vegetarian or seafood with your standard burger toppings, in between two thin layers of rice. The rice is fried, so each bite is just as crunchy as the last. 
Texture is king, and Gojima have nailed it. Located inside The Star Sydney, famous Sokyo chef Chase Kojima came up with this wonderful creation. It seems that recognised chef's are seeing the latest burger trend and finally getting on board after the success Neil Perry had in doing so. Whether you are taking away, or dining in be sure to prepare your taste buds (oh and have tissues ready).

Gojima Chicken Burger
The burger that started the late night sweats we get in the middle of the night when our cravings are going wild. The burger that started all this insanity for us, because it is damn good. The chicken is deep fried and is hella crispy. Worry not because the inside is still very much moist and delicious! Upon the first bite you are welcomed by the crunch in the rice bun, only to then be surprised by yet another layer of crunch in the chicken and subsequently the special sauce that is satisfyingly sweet. The salad goes astray on this burger, but when you bite into a fresh tomato which breaks up the flavours of the chicken it can be quite refreshing.

Gojima Cheeseburger
Angus beef is all the trend and Gojima will not fall second place to quality. The cheeseburger had similar toppings to the chicken burger, but the only difference is the patty and the melted cheese which makes a world of difference. Not only does the cheese help hold the burger in place, it is just a more pleasant experience eating than cold cheese. This was also a great burger, but second to that of the chicken burger who still hails king. It is a nice comparison however to other burger joints who often use milk buns. The difference in the texture of a soft milk bun and the crunch of a rice bun really gives you the a different product all together. 

Fried Chicken and Shoestring Fries
The above just reminds me of two fast food rivals finally coming together after a long war. The brainchild of a southern fried chicken king and a silly clown wearing a jumpsuit.
The Japanese-style fried chicken is not to be discarded. It has a similar batter to the Gojima chicken patty and we are loving every bite. While it's probably best to avoid if you are watching your waist line, the chicken is drenched in oil and is super crunchy. In other words - super satisfying. 

Gojima gets busy during the peak times so expect a wait. We have been lucky enough to arrive just before said peaks on both occasions and have a choice of seat, but it fills up quickly. For all the burger lovers out there, we implore you to give it a try for yourself and let us know what you thought!

We loved it and have been back since - sorry diet you are going on hold.

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