April 30, 2017
Harvest Market was one of the top places to visit in Launceston and we are glad we could be part of this day. We woke up and it was raining and had thought about not going. Honestly, if you are ever in Launceston and it rains on a Saturday, don't miss the markets! They have umbrellas for you to borrow as well. As we were only traveling, we visited the food stalls but could see many fresh produce stalls as well. Just make sure to go with a pocket full of cash as this is a cordless market! The nearest ATM is about 15 minutes away... not a fun walk in the rain.. 

A very enjoyable and tasty Okonomiyaki. There are two options available for you to select which is vegetarian or bacon. After having tried the bacon at Cuccina, we just couldn't go past bacon option! We watched our Okonomiyaki cook right infront of our eyes and after a short wait, it was ready to eat! It wasn't the best okonomiyaki that we have tried but it was cheap and a nice change from the cafe style food we had been eating.

Oh my goodness. If you are at the markets, please, please, please an absolute must is to buy one of the Almond Croissant from Sandy's Sourdough. It was amazing, the croissant was perfectly flakey, well buttered and had a very nice crunch to the bite! We haven't tasted a croissant with filling THIS good. It was so good, Matt went back for seconds and when we were at Launceston airport, we regretted not buying more. Honestly, add this to your must try list in Launceston. You can thank us later!

The gozleme was tasty but it wasn't what we had expected. The lamb and feta gozleme tasted like the El Paso taco mince you can buy from Coles or Woolies, actually we are pretty sure there was taco seasoning in the mix somewhere! It's not necessarily a bad thing either, Matt loves tacos so this was a delight for him, but when something isn't as described on the menu then it's not what we expect. We expected the feta to be a standout in this dish, but in reality we couldn't even taste the feta!

Freshness and quality are paramount at Ritual so it was an acquired taste. We weren't sure if it was the milk or the coffee but it surely tasted unique. I wouldn't recommend ordering the chai latte unfortunately, it was not good but perhaps, it's the supplier.

Christie thought paper bagged potatoes were cute and told me to take a picture of it. Oh how simple things like this can keep her amused...