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The Q on Harris has been trending all over social media lately for their wacky, yet irresistible creations, the matcha cheesecake and chicken waffles are just to name a few.. These have definitely grabbed our attention, with Christie's love for green tea and Matt's for chicken, waffles and basically anything else fried and unhealthy. So when we were invited to dine here, how exactly could we say no!

The cafe is located on Harris street (durh..) opposite the Powerhouse Museum. The place is very hip and trendy, but seats are very limited. Make sure to go early and reserve a seat otherwise you might be waiting a while. While you wait they have coffee samples to look at, and a large coffee bean roasting machine sitting right at the entrance. 

If at all possible, aim to sit in the outside courtyard area. It again is quite small, but its decorated beautifully. Great lighting and lots of green really make this an ideal photo shoot spot! ;)

Espresso Milkshake
We started off the afternoon with some drinks. While the coffee aroma smelt amazing, something cooler to match the warmer weather was more suitable. So we settled for the espresso milkshake! 
This was totally different to what we had expected. The taste of the creamy ice-cream took precedent, second to of course the espresso flavour. It was such a nice milkshake and what's more perfect was that it didn't leave you bloated and regretful when you finished it. 

When we ordered the chai we were warned that it's not as sweet as other cafe's serve it. The waitress explained that The Q on Harris uses the leaves instead of the powdered variant we are most familiar with. Amidst our indecisiveness she also mentioned that she could bring out some honey to be mixed in as a sweetener. That was a really sweet idea (pun intended) and it was definitely all used up by the end of the seating. Tea spoon after tea spoon of sugar entered our cups to make sure it had the perfect sweetness. The flavour of chai was really strong, and the serving size is huge. It is best to be shared with friends!

Kabuki Waffle
We had one of those eye-popping, mouth watering, finger lickin' (whoops trademarked) experiences with the Kabuki Waffles. This chicken was damn good. Let's make it whole hand lickin' good. Three pieces of free range chicken that is deep fried and coated with a honey lime ginger dressing that just makes your brain explode. The batter was so crispy and full of flavour that three pieces was not enough. Luckily it was served on top of chilli waffles, with a side serving of wasabi mayo to prolong the experience. We seriously cannot think of any other way to describe how well constructed the Kabuki Waffle is, but holy mutha effin damn hella crazy WTF! 
.... It has become quite clear that we actually lost our mind because of this dish. 

House Smoked Pastrami Sandwich
This is one seriously sexy sandwich.. a sentence we never thought we would say. The pickled red cabbage contrasts well with the crisp sour dough. The Swiss cheese and pastrami, topped with the pickled red cabbage made for some bold flavour combination which was enjoyable, but after a while just got a bit too much to handle. We ended up shoveling the cabbage off the sandwich towards the end to really taste the flavour of the beautifully house smoked pastrami.

Matcha Cheesecake
Full honesty right now - we were worried that where many cafe's and restaurants have failed before hand, The Q on Harris might have been no different. We expected the matcha flavour to be strong, bold, bitter and just overpowering. Even though this cake has blown up over Instagram, we were hesitant but our curiosity forced us into trying it..... and thank god we did.

There was the perfect amount of matcha throughout. It was surprisingly sweet with few bitter traces. The top layer was a white chocolate and lime ganache that complimented the matcha well. But what took this cake to the next level was the base of Oreo biscuit pieces, combined all together and you have a beautifully crafted piece of cheesecake that is worthy of a standing ovation!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at The Q on Harris. It is definitely one of our recommended cafe's to visit in Sydney. The staff were really quite friendly and attentive and the food... as you can see was on another level. Why waste your money at any other cafe? We leave you with this picture of their cute glasses :)

Snapshots of Food dined as guests of The Q on Harris and CPM Online Marketing

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