Burnt Orange | Chatswood Chase

Burnt Orange has got to be one of the prettiest cafe's we have seen, especially for one located right in the middle of Chatswood Chase! It's filled with beautiful fake flowers and completely outfitted with greenery in every possible location. It is enough to brighten up your day shopping, it definitely made for a great visual relief among a sea of retail stores. Other than your breakfast and lunch options, Burnt Orange also caters high tea (but you have to book in advance). It's a great way to plan a girls day out followed with shopping! Who can say no to that?

 Whichever side you are coming from, you won't miss the Burnt Orange signs. It looks simple and somewhat luxurious, suited for the location amidst the high-end brands.

We ordered a cappuccino which was brought out in a lovely teal coloured mug with some pretty latte art. We enjoy seeing love and passion put into making a coffee because you really can notice a difference between a coffee that is carefully prepared by the hands of a skilled barrista, and a half arsed job. We can really appreciate the intricacies of making coffee having been to coffee classes and seeing first hand how hard it is!

The Breakfast Deluxe
Pictures do not do this justice. The plate is huge! Underneath the quail eggs, maple bacon, micro basil, fresh corn, vine tomato and lots of mozzarella is actually 2 pieces of thick cut brioche. The best way to describe this dish would be to call it a pizza breakfast and just like any pizza, the salad is unwanted! This dish was substantial, but the taste wasn't really to our appeal. The quail eggs were fried rather than boiled, which almost defeated the purpose and it could have easily been replaced with chicken eggs to reduce the price. The rest was just cheesey the other elements were too few. When you did get some corn, tomato, maple bacon (which looked and tasted like ham) and cheese on your fork, it was actually quite nice, but that was far too uncommon.

Eggs Benedict on toasted brioche with Alaskan King Crab
Have you ever had eggs benedict with crab? I've seen bacon and salmon but never crab and as such we were really excited to dig into it! It came out to the table and looked pretty but wondered where the other half of the crab went. The portion of crab on the plate was very scarce and we had to restrain ourselves with the amount that we used for each piece of toast. For those who are not big on seafood, avoid this as the crab had a very strong fishy taste which didn't stop us from finishing. The entirety of the dish was unusual. We will probably stick to the usual bacon with eggs benedict but glad that we gave this a try.

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