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Calaveras Mexican Cantina is an upbeat Tequila Bar located in Newtown. Serving a wide variety of Mexican tapas style food, you will be sure to find something enticing on the menu. We visited on a Friday evening after work and the atmosphere perfect to wind down after a long and tiring week. We grabbed the menu and went a little bit crazy. The lighting was terrible for photos, sorry in advance!

Michelada Cubana & Frozen Lemon Margarita
We are all for trying new food and drinks and the Michelada Cubana stood out from a mile away. It is a combination of lime juice chipotle and rio brazo beer, with a chilli salt rim. The burn from the chipotle lime juice and chilli salt lingered at the back of your throat, but oddly enough it was really refreshing. This was the stand out of the night, something we will remember and likely re-visit for again. The frozen lemon margarita was so strong, a certain someone was getting a little tipsy!

 Al Pastor & Senor Pollo
The servings are small, but the flavour is huge. The Al Pastor contains pulled pork guajillo and is topped with pinapple, coriander and onion. The pineapple made all the difference as it gave the taco some much needed moisture. The pulled pork was on the drier side, but all together it was quite a nice taco. The taco seen in the background was the chicken option that included red cabbage, chilli crema and salsa verde. The chicken was similar to the pork, in that it was quite dry. The chilli crema and salsa verde provided the punchy flavours that brought together the chicken and cabbage.

 Flautas de Pollo
The Flautas de Pollo is a serving of three crispy taquitos, each filled with the guijillo chicken and topped with feta, chipotle mayo and guacamole. The recurring theme through all dishes so far was how dry each dish was. There was no where near enough chipotle mayo to compensate and the combination of chicken, guacamole and feta just screams "dry". We ended up dipping the taquito in the enchiladas verdes sauce (below).

 Enchiladas Verdes
The enchaladas verded tasted and even looked very similar to the taquitos but topped with much more sauce. Pulled chicken rests inside of piping hot corn tortillas and topped with salsa verde, feta, drizzled crema and a side of pinto beans. The presentation was impressive and while the chicken was dry, soaking up the tortilla in the salsa verde did the trick well. 

Ricotta Cheesecake
We have said this before, but presentation is king. When we ordered the ricotta cheesecake we really didn't know what to expect. Our eyes widened as it was presented on the table and we couldn't wait to dig in! The texture was very odd and not what you would expect from a cheesecake. Normally a cheesecake is dense and heavy, but this was the complete opposite. It actually followed similar suit to the other food and tasted a bit dry and powdery. It might be because of the ricotta, so we can't really put our finger on it. It was still quite enjoyable, just liquor yourself up at the bar with some more tequila!

Disclaimer: Snapshots of Food was gifted a $100 Zomato Voucher to dine at Calaveras

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