Perfectly cooked pork using the 6-2-2 method | Australian Pork

You may have noticed the Australian Pork commercials playing recently, with the iconic Barry White music playing in the background. This time however, we are not being told to go pork anyone while the sensual music implies other meanings (hilarious as it is), but instead are being educated on the benefits of eating pork and how to cook the perfect pork steak using the 6-2-2 method. Being brutally honest, this ad always had us questioning whether it was really that simple. So we took the full instructions to the test, and off to the kitchen we ventured! Spoiler alert.. we were very surprised and satisfied with the outcome.  Let us tell you a little bit about the 6-2-2 method.
Run out to your local butcher right this moment and tell them that Matt and Christie ordered you to purchase pork steak, roughly 2cm in thickness. Roll on over (or walk like a normal person) to your supermarket and buy your condiments to really enjoy this piece of meat.   Pre-heat a pan (we used a griddle pan which is a must have in your kitchen).  Cook the pork on one side without turning for 6 minutes. Then flip the pork and cook the other side for a further 2 minutes and when the 8 minute timer has rung, quickly take the pork off the heat, making sure to wipe up any of the juices in the process and allow the pork to rest for another 2 minutes. It is critical to let the pork sit in it's juices, so when removing the pork steak, avoid flipping it back onto the first side. VIOLA, you are left with a perfect piece of pork steak, cooked white though but still retaining the lovely juices and ensuring your pork is not dry!

When it comes to the question ‘what goes well with pork’ – we are stuck for words. Matt is used to having pork with apple sauce, vegetables and a side serving of gravy. Christie on the other hand is used to having pork thinly sliced, marinated or even as a takeaway option i.e. crispy pork belly from Cabramatta. We thought why not try something different, so we made a salmeura suce to accompany the pork!
Not to toot our own horn here.. but god damn this sauce was delicious – and the remaining sauce can be eaten on toast the next day! What you will need for the sauce is 1tbsp of balsamic vinegar,  parsley, chives and garlic. Add 3 tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 a small onion and roughly 1/4 a cup of water and crushed pistachios. Mix it all together and spread as required. We are quite amateaurs when it comes to cooking, but even so overcooking a good piece of meat is a crime. The 6-2-2 method has worked so well for us and we have recently perfected cooking beef steak, so adding the 6-2-2 pork steak method to our knowledge bank was certainly a great addition.

Disclaimer: Snapshots of Food was gifted a $50 debit card by Social Soup to use for the Australian Pork project