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Wolli Creek might be known as a concrete playground, housing an oversupply of high rise apartments but it is slowly gaining a plethora of unique restaurants and cafe's; namely Concept Burger. Located only a short stroll from Wolli Creek station, Concept Burger will soon be known as the Burger Central for Wolli Creek locals. Opening with a carefully crafted menu by the founder of The Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal along with Tomislav Martinovic created this mouth-watering burger menu with inspirations from all over the world. The menu also rotates by season and currently we saw burgers from Japan, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Canada and France. 

It's a quirky, funky and upbeat restaurant that definitely satisfies your burger craving. 

Concept Burger Sides
Five spiced fried chicken, house made potato crisps, sweet potato fries and tempura onion rings. 
It is important to compliment a great burger with a tasty side and Concept Burger knows this well. Where do we start? The sweet potato fries are exactly what you need with your burger. They are simple and a slightly healthier version to regular fries. The five spiced fried chicken which is also used on the Chinese burger is served deep fried in batter that has a perfect crunch. The chicken is moist and you are given some very tasty dips on the side, including our all time favourite, the truffle mayo!
If you love onion rings, then the tempura onion rings will have you addicted. It is unlike anything we have tried before and wow.. we are longing for more. The crisp, light batter is unlike a regular onion ring which is usually cased in a thick heavily fried batter. Make sure you eat these quick as tempura is made to eat hot!

Canadian Burger 
We love the simplicity of a well though out burger. Most people believe a burger is as simple as a well cooked patty, salad, tomato, onion, cheese in between two buns of any type. This is not entirely the case because what differentiates a good burger from a mind-blowing burger really comes down to three main criteria for us: 1# The patty, #2 the sauce and #3 the bun. The patty is the catalyst of the dish, it either makes it or breaks it and both burgers we tried on the night were perfectly cooked where it was slightly pink on the inside. The buns used were milk buns which gives a really good distribution of bread to beef. What made this burger stand out was the maple glazed bacon. It was delicious but I would've preferred the bacon to be cooked "American style" to give a nice contrasting crisp.

Argentinian Burger
The Argentinian Burger caught Matt's attention purely because it offered chimichurri. It also comes with smoked paprika, cheese, grilled eggplant and chipotle chillies. This doesn't normally come with bacon, but we added it because why not! The burger is VERY flavoursome - the chimmichurri sauce had very bold flavours that completely consumed the taste of the patty. Towards the end of the burger, we decided to scrape some of the sauce off and it made it 100% better. This was an insane burger and we recommend tasting it for yourself - just do as we advised and scrape some chimmichurri off and let the patty do all the talking!

White Chocolate Mousse
The one and only dessert on Concept Burger's menu is the White Chocolate Mousse, topped with passion fruit, freeze dried raspberries and chocolate cookies with pistachio. This is the type of dessert you want to finish on because it is light, not overly sweet and most importantly you are not left regretting your decision to eat dessert. It leaves a lasting impression and was the perfect way to end the evening. Definitely one of the best desserts we've tried.

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