Smooth Festival of Chocolate Progressive Dinner

Smooth Festival of Chocolate in The Rocks is happening this weekend and this article is targeting the true chocaholics among us, those with the sweetest of teeth who would love to sink their molers into a block of chocolate... for those of you, this is literally your paradise in The Rocks. The Smooth Festival of Chocolate is nothing new, having started four years ago and is set in The Rocks with a beautiful backdrop of Sydney Harbour. 

We were invited to a blogger's preview and let us tell you, we are so excited to visit this weekend. You will see many stalls at the extravoganza as well as special features like the Callebaut Test Kitchen, The Baci Experience, A Taste of the Rocks, Sydney's Props Specialist, Cellarmasters Touring Cellar Door. Stalls include Gelato Messina, Black Star Pastry, N2 Gelato, Sweet Therapy, Puimp My Chimney and Zumbo Patisserie and that's only naming a few!

Smooth Festival of Chocolate Progressive Dinner

First Stop: Tuxedo Bar
Our Smooth Festival of Chocolate progressive dinner began at Tuxedo Bar where we sampled  a collection delicious chocolate mocktails and cocktails. Tuxedo Bar is opposite Kansas City Shuffle and has been built, designed and is run by the same owners, hence the relevance of the "You're not in Kansas anymore" sign. The secret behind the coffee martini is to let the coffee sit for a while before adding it in. This removes all the cream from the coffee and allows any sediment to drop to the bottom. There were also small white chocolate mud cakes, drizzled with white chocolate sauce were served towards the end as well.  Head over to The Mr Black Espresso Martini Bar to indulge this weekend.

Second Stop: La Renaissance 
The second stop on our indulgence experience was one of our favourites. Not only were we lucky enough to watch and learn from La Renaissance's head patissier Jean Michel Raynaud, but we were surprised by an interactive session where we could make our own truffles! Jean makes it all look so simple, but to make truffles of that consistency and that are to die for... it's damn hard! The best thing about these truffles is that there is no added sugar - so go nuts guys. Jean Michel Raynaud will be at The Callebaut Test Kitchen demonstrating his specialty.

Third Stop: Endeavor Tap House 
 When we found out that the next stop specialised in brewing their own craft beers, we couldn't help but think "a chocolate beer?" - yes exactly. We never even thought chocolate and beer would be suitable, let along being even being possible. The chocolate ale is only 3.4% so it's nothing to worry about, but it was such an interesting concept and I'm sure the beer afficiato's of the world would appreciate the brewing process. The chocolate beer was very light and easy to drink, it still left the bitter aftertaste. Also served up was spicy chicken tacos - while this may not be provided at the choc fest, it was most appreciated on the night. The amount of alcohol and chocolate we had eaten by this point was insane, so we definitely needed something to break up the sweets.... but then we were right back at it when they brought out the strawberry cake, drizzled with you guessed it.. chocolate of course and a side serving of strawberries. Be sure to give this beer a good sampling at the choc fest. It looks like a dark ale, but it is very light and refreshing.

Final stop: Sake 
We won't lie to you all. Sake was the most anticipated locations of the night and what a way to end the chocolate feast than with an elegant dessert presented in the most spectacular ways. At our last experience at Sake, we didn't even realise there was an upstairs private function area. It really gave off Game of Thrones vibes, and once the Dragon Egg was brought out.. we felt like the mother (and father) of dragons at long last. The famous Dragon Egg consisted of a thin layer of marbled chocolate to represent the egg shell, genmaicha tea, kalamansi yolk, poached apples and puffed rice crunch. What sets this dessert aside from the rest is the dramatics. The dish is served atop a plate of liquid nitrogen for a dramatic and mysterious entrance. Next, hot white chocolate is poured onto the egg to slowly break away at the shell, presenting a beautiful vibrant yellow yolk inside. I don't think any dragons will be hatching out of this egg that's for sure...

Make sure to drop by The Lindt Lounge where you can personalise your own Lindt Excellence Block. That concludes our progressive dinner for Smooth Festival of Chocolate. Don't forget to download the Festival Map so you can plan your day so you don't miss a thing! But most importantly, enjoy the view, food, smell and have a blast. 

Here's the website for more information. 
Till next time ... ~