Blackbird Cafe | Darling Harbour

Boasting stunning views of Darling Harbour, Blackbird Cafe is located on the Balcony level at Cockle Bay Wharf. Known for their cocktails, it is perfect for a after work drinks or catching up with friends. Just be warned that Blackbird is extremely busy on Friday and Saturday nights! We had amazing customer service initially but as the orders picked up and the night carried on the service declined. There were so many tables to service so it was understandable.

Sweet Sting and Lychee 
We started off with cocktails to start the evening. Both were delicious, the Sweet Sting had a lot of coconut cream, great for coconut fans! It's always nice to start the meal with a cocktail. Nothing like something sweet to get your tastebuds buzzing.

Bone Marrow
Roasted bone marrow with garlic, parsley, mustard seeds served with olive bread. This is new on Blackbird's menu and it was our first experience having roasted bone marrow. We are familiar eating bone marrow in soup - being extremely nutritious in mum's homemade soup.  The texture of the bone marrow was like oil and had a little bit of chewiness to it. Loved spreading it on the bread. I thought it was a great entree with strong mustard seed taste. 

Crumbed Brie 
The crumbed brie is served with apple chutney, honey and a side of toasted bread with salad. The bread and salad seemed to be a little out of place. Given that the brie was deep fried, we could have eaten them like chips! The apple chutney is used as a dip and gives a really great sweetness to the oozy cheese. The only problem was that we wanted more cheese!!!

Crispy Salmon with mash
What got us wanting to order the salmon was that the menu said it was "Crispy" - who doesn't love crispy skin?! We definitely had high expectations and thankfully Blackbird delivered. The salmon was slightly overcooked, but the sauce and creamy mash brought it together quite well. Just keep in mind that wait times might be long, it is a bar after all!

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake
We finished off the meal with a cookies and cream cheesecake, served with a side of ice cream. There was an unexpected frozen taste to the dessert, however the consistency of the cheesecake was very dense and indulgent.

We didn't finish dessert but did enjoy the evening from the view and great company.

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