Jamie's Italian | Sydney CBD

The last time I was at Jamie's Italian was a couple years ago. We were seated at the top level and remembered that the pasta dish was quite ordinary. Fast forward a couple years and we thought to give it another try!

Crunchy Italian Nachos
 We started off with some sides which included the crunchy Italian nachos. The crispy fried three-cheese ravioli was served with spicy Sicilian tomato sauce. We don't know how to feel about this dish.. the "Italian Nachos" were quite dry and the only saving grace of this dish was the sauce. When we read "Italian Nachos" on the menu, I guess we were expecting something else.

 Crispy Polenta Chips
Thankfully the quality improved as the night went on, but we had already expected to devour this dish entirely. We ordered the polenta chips at our last experience at Jamie's and have done so again at their Parramatta location. They are delicious, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The flavouring was perfect but as always, we love that extra serving of parmesan cheese.

 Spaghetti Carbonara
The Spaghetti Carbonara is made the classic way with sweet tender leeks, golden smoky pancetta, cracked black pepper & parmesan. This has become somewhat of a favourite now and thank god we opted not to share tonight because this pasta was all mine! I do love how you are able to select your size of pasta before ordering, that way are not overeating - or worse.. wasting food!

Fusilli Arrabbiata
The fiery tomato & garlic sauce with basil, veggie parmesan, scotch bonnets & extra virgin olive oil made this dish a moreish one to devour. The fiery tomato sauce was the main flavour through the dish, it was subtle and did not overpower your senses. With parmesan added to finish, it was quite enjoyable.

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