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We haven't been to Leichhardt before...and wow we had no idea that it was a busy and bustling location for locals. We visited Leichhardt Espresso for lunch in the heart of the district, facing the main street. While it was a little noisy, it gave us a great view of how the locals live - dogs, families and bikes were in ample supply.

Iced Coffee and Fresly Squeezed Juice
The iced coffee (left) and the freshly squeezed juice (right) were a perfect start to the meal. The bitterness of the coffee and the freshness of the juice which consists of 9 different items, orange, apply, watermelon, carrot, celery, ginger, beetroot, mint and last but not least, pineapple! 

Definitely a great fix needed to keep you going 100% for the whole weekend!

Corn Fritters
The Corn Fritters came topped with a generous serving of avocado (watch out millennial, you might go broke with this much avocado!), tomato salsa, sour cream and a side serving of bacon which was incredibly crispy. The corn fritter itself was quite underseasoned and left us feeling that it was a bit bland. It didn't help to have other bland items on the dish (excluding the bacon of course) - we enjoyed the dish but it was really saved by the bacon. Strongly suggest adding the bacon if you decide to order the corn fritters.

New York Reuben Sandwich
We just love the inclusion of all the small colourful flowers. They brighten up the dish and give life to what would normally be quite a standard looking dish. It is perfect for Instagrammers and such a pretty looking dish that we couldn't resist stacking the sandwich for a perfect Reuben shot.
Stacked with corned beef, American red cheddar, thousand island dressing, American mustard and a very tasty mixture of sauerkraut and whisky sour pickles, this is a must have sandwich when you visit. The side serving of sweet potato fries compliments the sandwich well, in case you needed any additional convincing!

Apple Strudel
Last but not least - we decided to have some dessert. While we were really looking forward to having some cronuts, there were none available on the day but there is no hole that an Apple Strudel can't replace. The pastry was very light and the apply filling was super sweet. When combined with the vanilla ice cream and berry compote, it's a flavour explosion in your mouth. The generous serving size also means that this is a great dessert to share.

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